Jets Vs. Patriots: How the Jets Can Keep Tom Brady and the Pats off Balance

Ian SherwinContributor IJanuary 15, 2011

Seminole Offense
Seminole OffenseAndy Lyons/Getty Images

The Patriots, coached by Bill Belichick, are consistently one of the most well prepared teams in the NFL. Week after week, the Patriots not only seem to know exactly what they are going to face in terms of offensive and defensive play-calls and schemes, but they also respond accordingly.

With the exception of two losses this season, both inflicted by the hands of Ryan-style defenses (Jets coached by Rex, Browns D coached by Rob), the Patriots have been able to respond to whatever the league has been able to throw at them.

The Jets need to throw ample surprises at the Patriots. Here's a list of my suggestions to Coach Ryan. 

  1. When running the Seminole/Wildcat offense with Brad Smith at quarterback, let Smith throw the ball for once! The man was an above average college quarterback with a big arm. Everyone in the NFL knows that Smith usually runs/options the ball when he's at the QB position in the Wildcat/Seminole. Catch the Pats off-balance and throw a deep fade route to Braylon Edwards down the sideline for a quick TD!
  2. For the majority of the game, keep Darelle Revis on Wes Welker. Sporadically mix up coverage. Place Revis on Deion Branch or one of the tightends. Create mismatches. This might be able to throw Tom Brady off slightly (not an easy thing to do)
  3. Let Mark Sanchez throw often and throw deep. The Patriots are probably expecting Sanchez and the Brian Schottenheimer coached offense to run the ball 75 percent of the time, and when the Jets do throw it, the Pats will expect the passes to be short outs, quick slants and full of screen passes. Test the Patriots young CBs and attack them. The Jets have both Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, use them.

To beat the Patriots, the Jets need to think outside the box. Rex's defenses in the past have been known to be complex, constantly evolving (minus the fact that he likes to blitz all the time) and hard to pick up. Let's make the offensive play calling more creative, and let's beat the Patriots! J-E-T-S-JETS-JETS-JETS!