25 Observations from Saturday's College Football Action

Phil AielloContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

25 Quick Thoughts from Saturday:

1. I can't believe I'm saying this but what a game between Temple and Buffalo! Not just the ending either.  Those two squads battled back and forth answering each other every time.  Good publicity for the MAC and great stuff from Drew Willy's arm and Roosevelt's positioning.

2.  Hopefully Virginia Tech realized that Taylor is the guy after that grinder at home against GT and the quadruple option.  Nothing against Sean Glennon but with our offensive line and wide receivers struggling we need a playmaker at the quarterback position plain and simple.

3. California was down 28-6 in going in to the 4th quarter at Maryland but only lost by a TD. Talk about slow starts. I think it's safe to say Ralph was helped out due to travel. Jet-lag anyone?

4. Hey, Utah State, thanks for showing up at the battle for the state of Utah.  State bragging rights will have to be put on hold until next year...or much much longer with the way Utah is playing.

5. Syracuse can thank the movie business and the Ernie Davis story for televising that pounding they took from Penn State.  Ouch! For a program with such a storied history why do they struggle so much to bring in a quality coach/recruiter?

6. Oh yeah and Penn State hasn't played ANYONE yet but judging by the way they have handled their opponents I'd watch out! If you want a sleeper national title contender tune in to some PSU games.  It's not too late to hop on the bandwagon.

7. East Carolina barely kept their band-wagoners alive. BCS hopes live on!

8. Max Hall and BYU (might) have just stole the show from ECU.  What a day for them.  Hall threw more touchdowns in one game than VT, Virginia, Miami, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Maryland, and Clemson have combined on the season so far!

9. Oklahoma just looks like they are men among boys when playing the opposition.  It's just not fair is it?

10. Same with USC, right? (hint hint)

11. Ray Maualuga is to college linebackers what Bear Grylls is to men.

12. Thanks for showing up Ohio State.  You, I, and all of your fans out there know USC is really really good but to get beat down in LA like that?! Wow.

13. I feel for Steve Spurrier.  I really do. Call me and we'll grab some long overdue drinks man. Don't worry I'll make 'em strong.  Real strong.

14. Missouri's offense >>>>>>>>>>>> Nevada's defense

15.  What's higher, Chase Daniel's passer rating over the last eight quarters or Steven Hawking's IQ?

15. Raise your hand if you can't wait for Missouri vs. Oklahoma

16. LSU is quietly looking pretty darn good.

17. Duke is 2-1 with 72 points scored over their two wins?! Sorry that must be a typo. Who says coaching doesn't work wonders in College Football.  Oh yeah and Thaddeus Lewis isn't too shabby either.

18. Florida State gobbles up cupcakes better than a group of heavyweight sweet toothed school children.

19. Does anyone else think supposed ACC heavyweight Clemson has looked really average three weeks in to the season?  Yeah of course y'all do...because Tommy is at the helm.  And don't ever underestimate what losing four of your top five starting o-lineman will do for you. I don't care if you have Adrian Peterson back there.

19. WVU gets clobbered (last week) by ECU and Bill Stewart gets a six year extension?  Was I drunk when I was reading that on ESPN?

20.  What's deeper, the Abyss or the talent at USC?  We'll call it a draw.

21. Whats the over/under on Turner Gill leaving after this season?

22. Rich Rodriguez isn't welcome in West Virginia anymore.  And if he isn't careful, he may not be welcome in Ann Arbor too much longer either.

23. Purdue, you had many, many chances to close out that Oregon game and you just couldn't do it, could ya?

24. I guess Butch Davis is an okay recruiter...and maybe he can coach a little too. Should be a good one at home next week against VT.

25. What a great Futbal game between two historic clubs down in Starkville, Mississippi.  In the end it was Auburn University that edged out Mississippi State 3-2 in a grueling match.  Oh wait, your telling me that wasn't soccer they were playing?  Crap.


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