Is Iowa Aided with Poor Field Conditions?

Logan SchellContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

I was watching the Iowa-Iowa State game today, and everybody was slipping and sliding. Then the announcers started talking about how that Hawkeyes' stadium has no draining system for their field.

I thought to myself, "How could this stadium have no drain system and still be playable?" I know that not all stadiums have a draining system, but this is a Big-10 school; people pay a lot of money to see these games.

So then I got to thinking, "How much does the field condition actually play a factor in the game?" Iowa State lost that game, but could there have been a different outcome if the field wouldn't have been so crappy?

Could kids playing the games get hurt because their spike gets stuck in the mud and it could've been prevented if the field would've just had a draining system. I think that should be something that the athletic director should look into when they have some extra money to spend some time.

Thanks for reading.