Is Ohio State the Most Overrated Team Ever?

Chad VarndellContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

Over the last couple of seasons, the Ohio State Buckeyes have dominated the Big Ten conference.  They win the conference seemingly every year, with very little opposition.

Every week, they seem to be ranked with the top tier teams in the country, and based upon their record alone, are exactly where they deserve to be. What does this translate to? 

Well, over the last few seasons it has meant a trip to the national title game.  However, in their last two trips to the title game, they have been nothing short of thrashed.  They just cannot win that big game. 

In addition, this year they have had trouble in the so called "easy" games.  Chris Wells is a phenomenal player and a definite Heisman candidate, but football is very much a team game.

The game against the Ohio Bobcats really stands out to me.  Ohio State is at home with their fans cheering, rooting them on and they simply stunk up the horseshoe.  The Bobcats' starting quarterback goes out in the first quarter and they are forced to play the rest of the game with their backup.  

The Buckeyes forced five turnovers against the Bobcats, but until late in the fourth quarter actually trailed.  If it were not for a couple of costly interceptions for the Bobcats, they may very well have upset the Buckeyes.

Now this week, the Buckeyes travel to Los Angeles to face the Trojans in one of the most anticipated games of the year, according to most college sports media. I thought the game would not be close, and it wasn’t. 

The Buckeyes just seemed to be overmatched to me and further expressed their inability to compete against teams from the real power conferences of the country. 

I would really like for them to play in a non-championship BCS bowl game against like a Missouri or Oklahoma and see if they can stay within three touchdowns.