WWE 2011: 10 Things That The WWE Can Do To Make 2011 A Year To Remember

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2011

WWE 2011: 10 Things That The WWE Can Do To Make 2011 A Year To Remember

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    We are about 15 days into the new year of 2011 and in the Road to Wrestlemania for WWE. 2010 was not necessarily a bad year for wrestling, but what started out as good ideas have all turned to crap.

    I have compiled a list of 10 ideas that could make 2011 a year to remember in WWE.

    So enjoy and don't forget to comment and give me some feedback.

10. Give Us a Good Wrestlemania

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    Okay, so this one has to be pretty obvious. What better way to start the new year than with a dynamite Wrestlemania?

    The best part about this Wrestlemania is that if the WWE plays its cards right, then it potentially could be the best one in a while (excluding HBK vs. Taker, that was epic).

    Edge vs. Christian, title or not.

    Barrett vs. Punk.

    Miz vs. Morrison.

    HHH vs. Sheamus.

    I could go on forever about the possibility of matches that would make us all wanna buy it.

    This is just the matches, too, with all the talk about having possibly a WCW-themed Wrestlemania, it could be beyond awesome.

    Just think about the former WCW greats that could make an appearance.

9.Start Giving Titles To The Deserving and Talented

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    Now when you read this your probably saying "who has a title that doesn't deserve it?"  I am not going to say because that would start an entirely long argument and that's not my goal.

    I understand that this is a business and you have to give it to a man who sells, but seriously this past year has been making a joke of the titles that used to have meant so much more.

    I am not trying to say simply give the WWE title to Regal because he is a great technical wrestler, but help out someone who is deserving and stop keeping the good down and the bad up.

8.Change The Spinner Belt To Something Else

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    The Cena gangster thug era is over, so why keep a stupid spinner belt around a guy who has nothing to do with a spinner.

    The least you could do is make a new one or something. I know they have one that I believe was supposed to go to Orton but never did.

    Just something for a change of pace would be good; the spinner has passed its day.

7. Tag-Team and Divas Division...FIX IT

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    We all know about this one. The tag-team and diva divisions are not what the used to be, granted there is no way to recreate the Dudley's, Hardy's, or E&C, but give me a break. They are making a mockery of a once great and highly appreciated match.

    Net we have the divas. It is not so much that the talent is not there, but just that they are not using them. Gail Kim is a beast yet she is pushed straight to the floor.

    I am a little excited for Awesome Kong to start getting some matches. It is a good start and hopefully they move it back up to the top.

    So it is not that the talent is not there, they just need to be used right and hopefully this year it can be revived.

6. This Damn PG Era...KEEP IT

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    Yes you read it right. Keep the PG era. I know once I too wished the PG era would go away and never be thought of again, but I have come to enjoy it.

    After watching TNA and how far they have taken the blood and stuff I am happy that WWE is PG. I really would rather not see wrestlers cutting themselves just for the amusement of the fans.

    As for the swearing, I believe where it is at right now is perfect. For example this past Monday when Cena said he was going to whip Punk's ass, I was legitimately shocked that he said it.

    These "once in a blue moon" swear words adds excitement and emotion to promos rather than everyday F this and F that.

5. Cut The Tease Storylines

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    It may not be the top priority of the fans to see these stopped, but they really are starting to get annoying.

    "Edge vs. all things stupid" sounded like a good idea and was kind of good while it lasted, but it was a bad failure.

    How about when Chris Jericho said he was out to get Cena after Summerslam?

    John Morrison's No. 1 contention? Really, two weeks and he is back to crap?

    If you are going to do a storyline don't talk about it then make it last a day, just go through with it.

4. Stop Letting Talent Go

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    When the WWE released a handful of wrestlers a month ago, we were all in shock. Matt Hardy left, soon followed by MVP, later Kaval.

    I don't blame them for letting Kaval go but just the fact that they made him win NXT only to cut him is insulting.

    There are lots of very talented wrestlers in the same boat, as they all were in before they got cut or left, and I would hate to see any more let go.

3. Bring Back JR

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    JR is without a doubt the best announcer in the business today. I don't want to see anybody gone to make room for JR but he could be added to the table.

    I heard rumors that Vince wanted a three-man team for PPV's but it would be better to see him back on every week again.

    Cole, King, and JR would make an awesome team.

    Hopefully JR makes his return sometime this year.

2. Change The Names Of The Match PPV's

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    This one seems logical in so many ways.

    Not only does having match type pay per views the dumbest idea ever it also cuts out the types of matches you could use at the other PPV's.

    TLC, Hell In a Cell, Fatal 4 Way, and Money in the Bank. All of these could be renamed so the matches themselves could be used different ways.

    Bring back Armageddon, Backlash, No Mercy, Bad Blood, Unforgiven, No Way Out. All the PPV's that were changed can be brought back.

    This way not only would the name be better but occasionally we could see a specialty match every once in a while, except once a year.

1. Give Christian A World Title

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    Okay, so I ran out of ideas at nine, so I thought I would throw this in there.

    Give Christian a World Title already!