Ohio State Buckeyes or Black eyes?

Matt NewmeyerContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

Two years ago the Ohio State Buckeyes led by quarterback Troy Smith found themselves in the BCS National Championship against the Florida Gators. Ohio State looked completely overmatched as Florida stomped all over them. This loss at the time was devastating to the Buckeyes. However, the following year they came out fired up again as they walked through their schedule with ease. Once again, they ended up in the National Championship game, this time against LSU. Different year, same result. Almost like a carbon copy of the previous year, Ohio State was dominated in the championship game. The college was surely in mourning after their second straight humiliation in the only game that matters to them. As this year began, the Buckeyes were looking to wash away those memories and rewrite the script. However, after losing their star running back in the first game of the season they were surely feeling deja vu. After a surprisingly close victory in week two against Ohio, the Buckeyes were set for their huge matchup with USC in a game that would, no doubt, have National Title implications. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, they were demolished, 35-3, in a game in which they never had a chance. Is this the knockout punch for Ohio State? Or merely a bump in the road? The answer is only in the minds of the players. Many fans may use the excuse, "Chris Wells didn't play", but he would not have made a difference in this game. The Trojans were obviously the superior team. I don't know what Jim Tressel can do to turn this team around, but something must be done. If not, they won't even be back in a BCS bowl.