Notre Dame Beats Michigan

Bob WaltersContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

As i predicted Notre Dame beat michigan today in south bend. Michigan put themselves in a bad position early with two consecutive turnovers leaving the Irish with good field position which they readily capitalized on.

The defense played tough although Sam McGuffie was an effective running back throughout the game. The Irish capitalized on 6 turnovers over the course of the dame including a fumble recovery for a Brian Smith touchdown in the fourth quarter to seal the deal.

The offense took advantage of the opportunities they were given early. The ran the ball rather well amassing a total of 113 yards on the ground. Hughes had the majority of the carries and the yards with 79 yards and two touchdown runs.

Golden Tate has emerged as a force in the passing game. Tate had four receptions for 127 yards and a touchdown where he  blew past the coverage. He also caught the ball on a slant and turned it into a large gain after the catch.

Duval Kamara caught a touchdown early on with a jump ball in the end zone. We didn't see much of Armando Allen today as it seems they were going for more of a power running approach.

Next week Notre Dame takes on Michigan State and i may be a tough game.