Overrated: My Problem with the IWC and Their Golden Boys

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 14, 2011

*Breaking News* John Morrison is no longer the Internet Wrestling Community’s Golden Boy. The honor has now been bestowed to two guys who sport golden gear. Alberto Del Rio and The Miz are the new favorites among the IWC. Why, you may ask?

Over the past three weeks, there have been multiple articles pertaining to John Morrison and his current main event push. Being a true wrestling fan, I’ve always been behind Morrison and his push to the top of the WWE. Each time one of these articles reaches the light of day, there are always multiple critics who jump to the “he can’t work a mic” excuse.

This complaint is the oldest one in the book. Before an actual thought of Morrison can pass the mind of a reader, they tend to pour out an overwhelming amount of criticism. Some even reference the past and use mindless insults like “spot monkey” and “one trick pony”.

The amount of criticism often reaches a point where I ask, “How did Morrison become the IWC’s Golden Boy?”

Morrison is only one wrestler, underrated by others because of his popularity. Christian tends to receive the “overrated” label because some believe he should be World Champion. The problem with criticizing Captain Charisma is that he has minimum, if any, flaws in his work.

Being the positive writer I am, I attempt to respond to all criticism from the critic’s point of view. Until the reader's choice of words becomes a ridiculous display of their lack of knowledge. A few weeks ago I noticed something growing among the IWC.

The talk of Alberto Del Rio and The Miz began to increase. Even though you would have to be a complete drone to ignore it, Del Rio’s rise, and Miz’s title reign were like a trending topic among the IWC. In an attempt to focus on other areas, I wrote articles displaying my memories of Morrison and my prediction of Christian’s return.

IWC members flocked to the comment section to state their opinions. The majority were “Del Rio’s the full package,” “Morrison’s overrated and Miz’s former lackey,” “Del Rio’s a superstar and will outshine Christian,” and “Morrison will be World Champion by luck.”

I clearly saw the trend that was rising from the depths of the IWC, but quietly ignored it. As the Rumble predictions and pro-Morrison articles began to flow, the frequency of the comments made me want to explode. That’s when the perfect statement flooded in my flow of thoughts.

Alberto Del Rio and The Miz are overrated.

First up, the “total package,” Alberto Del Rio. Like I’ve said a thousand times before, I like Alberto and what he brings to the squared circle. Allow me to reiterate myself when I say he’s not that special. Let’s begin with the heat Del Rio musters from the crowd. Rey Mysterio is and has been the biggest face on Smackdown for the majority of the past decade.

If I were to insult him, his race and all of his fans, I’m positive I would be hated by the WWE Universe. If I was to brutally attack Mysterio with a chair and place him on the injured list for a month, I’m positive I would draw heat from the audience. Mysterio’s popularity is the only reason Del Rio is hated by the fans. Yeah, Del Rio tends to insult the crowd for heat but all Vickie Guerrero has to do is say excuse me to attain heat galaxies ahead of Del Rio.

Which brings me to my next point, Del Rio’s “magnificent” microphone ability? Del Rio is extremely difficult to understand when he’s talking. No ill will towards Del Rio, but like stated above, he does not draw a lot of heat from the fans.

Trust me, I’ve reviewed some of Del Rio’s promos and if he were not insulting the crowd, Christian or Rey Mysterio, the guy’s simply forgettable after a promo.

Which brings me to Del Rio’s in-ring ability. While I won’t criticize Del Rio for his wrestling, he’s no Daniel Bryan. Del Rio is a solid, maybe good, wrestler, but none of his matches are memorable. Trust me; I’ve seen all of his matches.

But what I do remember is him botching the setup for his armbar and occasionally his enzuigiri.

Once again, I like Del Rio and what he brings to the table, but he’s overwhelmingly overrated by members of the IWC.

That’s enough of Del Rio and on to everybody’s favorite wrestler, The Miz.  Speaking of overrated, he is massively overrated when it comes to cutting a promo. I’ll admit the guy’s OK and maybe even good, but the praise he receives it’s as if he’s The Rock. Adding base to your voice and getting a small amount of heat doesn’t make you good.

The WWE even placed Miz on the Greatest Talkers list.


He also tends to botch when he’s cutting a promo. I vaguely remember Miz saying “you took my spot on Smackdown” and “I’m on the only reason you watch Monday Right RAW.”

Do I have to speak on his wrestling ability? Honestly, I thought the guy was improving until I saw some of his last matches. How many times did Miz botch in his multiple matches with Jerry Lawler? Exactly.

I don’t even want to speak on his match at TLC with Randy Orton.

I’ll admit Miz attains heat. But he doesn’t draw much crowd reaction unless he screaming at the audience. Don’t agree? Watch the last 10 episodes of RAW and attain a substantial agreement. At this point, I would rather have Miz as Champion than Orton, just because it’s something new.

However, it does not change the fact that he and Del Rio are overrated.

Where is the era of Awesome?

So let me end with this, let’s refrain from the overwhelming criticism and overrating the wrong guys. Refrain from criticizing wrestlers without substantial evidence to back up our claims. The mindless insults and wise cracks should be told as a joke and not to describe these men who work to entertain us.