Miami Dolphins V.S. Arizona Cardinals Preview

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

The Miami Dolphins will face the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow in the second game for both teams this season.

The Miami Dolphins lost their first game of the season to the New York Jets, when a late game rally led by quarterback Chad Pennington fell short. The Jets secured a 20-14 victory.

The Arizona Cardinals defeated a mediocre San Fransisco 49ers team. The Cardinals led by Edgerrin James 100 yards won 23-13, to start off the season very nicely.

On paper this looks like an even match-up, but who holds the advantages at the skill position and defense, who will pull out the win? Here are my predictions...


The Arizona Cardinals will start the very experienced Kurt Warner. Warner may not be the gun-slinger Brett Favre is, but he can throw the deep ball with the best of them. The Dolphins secondary must be ready.

Miami will start the steady Chad Pennington at Quarterback. Pennington is at his best when he manages the game with short and safe passes. The better Pennington can manage each drive the less time Arizona's offense will be on the field.

Advantage: Miami Dolphins

Running Backs

Arizona is solid in the back-field with veteran Edgerrin James, and the speedy Tim Hightower, both running backs have different styles of running. James can move the chains, but is at his best when he is grinding out those hard to earn yards. Hightower is good in space and can get big chunks of yardage on any given play.

The Dolphins have an excellent two back combo, with Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. When both are on their game they are one of the toughest back-fields to contain in the NFL. In order for the Dolphins to be successful they have to utilize both, and make sure both backs get a good amount of carries.

Advantage: Miami Dolphins

Wide Receivers

The Cardinals have arguably the best duo of wide receivers in the NFL. The young tandem of Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald gives defensive coordinators headaches. Arizona is at it's best when both receivers have big games. Look for both receivers to put up big numbers, with plenty of catches and yardage.

The Dolphins are at best inept at the wide receiver position. Ted Ginn Jr. has yet to truly come into his own as a receiver. Greg Camarillo has probably been the Dolphins most consistent receiver. Look for him to have solid numbers in tomorrow's game.

Advantage: Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals posses a solid and underrated defense. Players like Antrel Rolle, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Adrian Wilson solidify Arizona's secondary. The Cardinals front seven is not as good as it's secondary, but still has players to watch for. Players like Bertrand Berry, Calais Campbell, Clark Haggans and Ali Highsmith keep pressure on the opposing quarterbacks and passing game.

The Dolphins have decent defense, with many new faces. This newer defense kept the Dolphins in last week's game against the Jets. In the secondary both Will and Jason Allen are good in man-to-man coverage situations. The front seven has great leadership with players like Jason Ferguson, Vonnie Holliday and Joey Porter.

Advantage: Arizona Cardinals

This will be a close and exciting football game. I see this game being decided by one possesion.

Final score: Cardinals 27, Dolphins 21