CU Sports Mag: Breaking Down Eastern Washington and West Virginia

Ron KnabenbauerCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

Last week’s game against Eastern Washington was a close one for the Colorado Buffaloes. Ron Knabenbauer and Kate Siegel of CU Sports Mag break down the Eastern Washington game and preview the big Blackout game against West Virginia.

On last week’s game against Eastern Washington

Ron Knabenbauer: Welcome to Double Team, I’m Ron Knabenbauer alongside Kate Siegel, we’re going to break down the Eastern Washington game and preview West Virginia, but let’s first start with Eastern Washington.

Kate Siegel: So it was a bit of a shaky game, definitely until the second half for CU. Eastern Washington Matt Nichols and Brynson Brown were really awesome.

RK: Yes, Matt Nichols, he had 51 attempts for 303 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. The two interceptions came late, but still overall a great game for Nichols.

KS: And then Brynson Brown had 6 receptions for 90 yards and one touchdown, both of them were really excellent players.

RK: Exactly, those two absolutely killed the Buffs secondary all afternoon long.

KS: Right, even though they were great we had a lot of our own issues; let’s talk about some of those. Our offensive line is really young. We have two freshmen, one sophomore, it is a young team, and then we have the suspension issue.

RK: That’s right, Coach Hawkins suspended Devin Head, the junior guard, for one game after the CSU game, for violating team rules, and clearly we needed him during the game, because our offensive line could not hold up with Cody in the background.

KS: Yeah, and then we had 10 penalties for 70 yards, which is a lot, especially after the CSU game where we had eight penalties. Coach Hawkins must have not been very happy about that.

RK: This just hasn’t been happening in the Coach Hawkins era, it was also a problem back in the Gary Barnett era, where it’s always like we lead the Big-12 in penalties, and you think Coach Hawkins is going to finally do something about it.

KS: Yeah, we really need to clean up our game. So then there is the ugly part of the game, right. We didn’t have a lead until 1:44 seconds left on the clock, so that’s scary, this is a FCS, 1-AA team, we really need to clean it up.

RK: Exactly, but the good news is we did outscore them 24-3 in the second half, so there a lot of good out of the game at the same time.

KS: Absolutely, first off we won, so that’s good, and let’s talk about our star family. We’ve got Josh Smith, number one, and then we got Darrell Scott, number two, both are excellent players.

RK: Josh Smith had a huge game; he had 3 rushes for 7 yards, 4 receptions for 29 yards and one touchdown, and 5 returns for 148 yards. I don’t know what Coach Hawkins is feeding Josh Smith, but he is becoming a gamer this season

KS: Absolutely, and his nephew, Darrell Scot, did well for his second game as a Buffalo, was 13 for 39 yards, but clearly he is still number two. And then there was Cody Hawkins, everybody’s favorite, he was 28 for 38, 3 touchdowns, one interception, and now he is in 9th place for the school’s career passing list, with 261 yards just in this game alone.

RK: Yeah, Cody Hawkins is absolutely killing the Buffs record book right now. He might become the greatest quarterback ever in CU history and maybe a Heisman candidate in his senior season.

KS: Then the interceptions were really the key to this game, we got Cha’pelle Brown after 6 tackles throughout, he made this amazing interception with 1:44 seconds left on the clock, and that really won the game for us.

RK:  Yeah, he pretty much saved Dan Hawkins’ career at Colorado. That is all the time we have right now, but we’ll be right back and we’ll talk about West Virginia.

On Thursday’s game against West Virginia

KS:  Welcome back to Double team, let’s talk about this West Virginia game, it is Thursday, September 17th at 6:30 at night, so it’s going to be a night game which is exciting

RK: It’s going to be a Blackout, it started on Facebook last year, and it has really caught on with the students.

KS: Right, so everybody, make sure you wear your black. It is going to be really exciting; we don’t want any gold out there. So this is our first time facing West Virginia, which is really cool.

RK: Exactly, since West Virginia beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and with all the big news out of West Virginia this summer with Coach Rodriquez and new Coach Bill Stewart, it’s been pretty crazy.

KS: And the Mountaineers are coming off a 24-3 loss to East Carolina in week 2. They were ranked number 8, now they’re ranked number 25.

RK: Either East Carolina is a crazy good team, they beat Virginia Tech in week 1 and then West Virginia in week 2, or West Virginia is not the team we all thought they were.

KS: Right, let’s hope that West Virginia is that team, right?

RK: Let’s hope so.

KS: And then we got a couple of players of theirs that we need to watch during the game. We got Pat White who is their quarterback, and he is one of the greatest players in college football right now.

RK: Pat White is a great rusher, he is a great thrower, he is a better rusher right now, but still, he is a very dangerous threat. He is Heisman candidate; it is going to be very interesting on what is going to happen.

KS: Absolutely, and then we have Noel Devine, he is a sophomore running back, he averages 8.6 yards per carry, so he is an excellent player as well. So both of those we are going to need to look out for.

RK: Noel Devine is another great rusher, we need to find a way to stop the West Virginia’s rushing attack, because it is going to be really tough.

KS: Right, let’s hope we can clean it up again after last week’s game. So that’s all the time we got, we’re going to send it back to the desk, and have a good day everybody.

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