Missouri Tigers Blow Out Nevada Wolf Pack 69-17

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2008

Well, my preview wasn't even close.

I figured that the Missouri defense step up to the plate against a potent Nevada offense, but I never imagined that the offense would put up numbers like this.

This game was even better then the contest against Southeast Missouri State, because it was against a real opponent that some people thought would give the Tigers a battle. 

Not so much.

-Derrick Washington is a star. I've said it every week. I don't care. He catches passes, breaks tackles, runs between the tackles, and can lower his head into the pack. D-Wash averaged 9.3 yards a carry, and had two TDs on just eight touches.

-Congratulations to Chase Daniel, who became the leading passer in Missouri history, passing Brad Smith. Daniel looked amazing again today, only throwing five incompletions. With 400 yards and four TDs today, Daniel has 12 TDs and a field goal in his last 13 possessions. Now, THAT is efficiency.

-On the Nevada side, ya gotta tip your hat to Colin Kaepernick. The kid is no Steve Young, as hyped to be by some of the Nevada press, but he is a big-time playmaker, and his scrambling and play action skills gave Mizzou trouble at times.

-I personally thought the fake field goal was excessive. It made the score 52-17, and although Nevada is capable of putting up big numbers, they were probably out of the game at that point. Nevada has a Hall of Fame coach in Chris Ault that didn't deserve that. Against Nebraska or Texas, maybe, because past contests, but it didn't need to happen today.

-People that say Jeremy Maclin isn't a real receiver are on drugs. Jeremy Maclin is one of the best WRs in the country. Some people think he's just a track star, but his second TD catch was a pure thing of beauty, and he'll make a fantastic player at the next level. I just pray he stays at Missouri next year.

-Speaking of beast mode, Jared Perry is absolutely ready for stardom. The former freshman All-American improved his work ethic and attitude after a tough sophomore campaign and has already equaled his production from a year ago. He compliments Maclin well and is much more explosive then Tommy Saunders.

-Danario and Van Alexander (no relation) both played today. Danario was admittedly a little nervous and tentative, but he'll be 100% for conference play. Van was a little slow, but solid late in the game. It's nice to see those two back on the field.

-If anybody doubted Missouri's status as a top-flight team, stop now. There were whispers that Nevada would shred the Tiger defense and that blitzing would phase Chase Daniel. That didn't happen either.

If USC gets bumped up three or four spots for clubbing Washington, I say Mizzou should jump Georgia. They have played better teams and have looked much better.