Charlie Weis Injury: Are People Really Laughing About This?

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2008

Let me begin by saying that I find nothing funny about petty slapstick humor.

Sure, I thought that the movie Home Alone was great, but that was back when I was a child who had never set foot in a hospital. Now, I think it's just dumb when someone laughs at an injury, even in a film.

And, yet, I couldn't help but shrug when all my friends started laughing their assess off when it was announced that:

"Charlie Weis has suffered a torn ACL."

And I have to imagine that my friends were not alone in so doing. Surely, across the country, fans of all sorts had to chuckle in disbelief when the Irish skipper hobbled off the field.

But why is this ok???

Is it because coaches aren't supposed to suffer torn ACL's?

Is it because Charlie Weis is the last person you'd think about when it comes to athletic prowess?

Was his portly stature to blame?

My theory is that Notre Dame fans have to be ecstatic about their team's first half performance, and Michigan faithful are equally anxious for something to console their disappointment. This leads to an equation whereby a sense of humor is precisely what the doctor ordered in either case (along with several months of physical therapy).

And given how sharp Jimmy Clausen looked, after spending nearly a year on the Bust Watch List, one has to imagine that even Charlie will sleep well tonight, even if it's in a South Bend hospital bed.

So, in summary, I am going to go ahead and let my friends off the hook for their obnoxious and insensitive laughter.

If Charlie's not complaining, then who am I to argue?