Life with out Tom Brady?!

Andy SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

Last year Tom Brady led the New England Patriots' "POWER" offense to 16 wins and no losses, and led them past a injured Chargers team in the AFC Championship only to get beaten by the New York Giants in SuperBowl XLII. 18-1, the greatest upset ever in sports history?! Its up for debate! But the new season is apon us, and the top dogs to go to the super bowl again were non other than the New England Patirots. That was until the first quarter against the Kansas City Cheifs, when Tom Brady went to make a throw to Randy Moss, he was hurt and hurt badly!

Now sports annalysts are singing a different tune and now every one is curious if Matt Casse(Mr. Backup Man) can lead the Patriots or will he doom them. Matt Cassel hasn't started as QB since high school football!!! At USC he was backup to Carson Palmer and Matt Lienart. Are you kidding me?! Oh this i going to be a weird year!!!

So Now the question is with Tom Brady out, is the NFL more fair now to teams like the Buffalo Bills who haven't been to a super Bowl since th 80's or even the Brett Favre Jetts? Yor guess is as good as mine!

You also have to think about The Indianapolis Colts lost to the surprising Chicago Bears, and the San Diego Chargers had victory stolen from them in the final seconds against  the Carolina Panthers. As well as the banged up Jacksonville Jaguars, a playoff contender who was beaten by a confused and stressed out Tennessee Titans!!! Whats up with this year?!

So Really who is the faorite now??? You decide because your thoughts are as good as any others!