What Do Brett Favre and Your Ex-Girlfriend Have In Common?

sir richard danhaklContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

Brett Favre's  offseason shenanigans, to me, were about as shocking as finding out that the Jonas Brothers are virgins... Why you ask?

Lets just say I've seen this scenario played out before...After finishing one of the best seasons of his career, in March 2008 Brett decided to call it quits (the best way to go out, in my opinion). But as the months passed by in Mississippi, it started to sink in that the Packers had moved on to a younger and more exciting quarterback.

This realization prompted a disgruntled Favre to call the Packers and spill his guts out. "But I only retired to see if you guys actually cared,"  "I want to play for you guys again," "Give me one more chance."

Hmmmm...this is starting to sound real familiar. Then, when the Pack told him he could play but he'd be Rodgers' backup (lets just be friends), Favre had a fit. He threatened to play for a team with in their own division (I'm gonna date your best bud).

After long talks and a training camp media circus, Green Bay was tired of the whole thing and traded him to the Jets (the non- threatening rebound guy). Now Brett is doing ok and even had a pretty good game last Sunday. Yap things are looking pretty good for Brett but I suspect that deep down he still wishes he was a cheese head!

Haha, guys let me know if you've had a girlfriend like Favre.