Smackdown Recap 9/12/08 or Triple H Dominates Friday Nights

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

The first Smackdown after Unforgiven takes place and it's time to see how the damage control was handled with Jeff Hardy.

Of course the show opens up with Triple H talking in the ring.  Why should a wrestling show start with wrestling?  I have still yet to see it happen on a normal basis.  Triple H talks about how great he is for overcoming the odds and retaining his title.  He forgot to mention that he was only in the match forfive5 minutes. 

Jeff Hardy comes out and the two begin to start their feud.  It's always interesting that whenever someone wants to pick on Triple H they immediately talk about his marriage to Stephanie and whenever someone wants to pick on Jeff they always go straight to his addictions.  These two topics are old.  They need to come up with new ways of getting under each others skin because these promos are boring.

First match of the night sees Maryse, Natalya, and Victoria versus McCool, Maria, and Brie Bella.  To say this match was bad is an understatement.  It's sad to see talented workers like Natalya and Victoria have to sell to wrestlers with the talent levels of McCool, Maria, and Brie.  It's also sad to see Maryse be the dominate heel on the team.  Natalya and Victoria should be owning the women's division on Smackdown. 

With that said, none of the faces looked good in the match.  They all looked sloppy and still need a lot more ring time.  This is what house shows and FCW should be used for, not TV time.  The match ends with Brie rolling under the ring to switch out with Nicole.  A quick roll up on Victoria and the faces win the match. 

What I don't understand is why they are using this gimmick for a face.  These are clearly heel tactics and hopefully The Bella Twins will start a feud with McCool before they reveal that they are twins.

R-Truth squares off against Chavo Guerrero.  R-Truth gets a better reception when going through the crowd this week.  It seems that people are starting to understand the gimmick and want to play along now. 

It does seem that R-Truth is trying too hard to get over.  With the elaborate entrance and him always shouting "What's Up" to the crowd after every move, he's coming off as desperate.  He's not the best wrestler that Smackdown has, but he is entertaining.  He'll be able to get over based on that alone, but the harder he tries, the quicker he'll disown the fans. 

The match itself was a good contest.  Chavo usually puts on solid work and tonight was no different.  I still don't understand why the fans boo Chavo when he does the 3 amigos.  He's paying homage to his uncle, Eddie Guerrero.  He shouldn't be booed for this.  The end see Bam Neely getting involved which leads to a DQ on Chavo. 

Chavo gets upset and pushes around Neely, who pushes back.  Seems that they just broke up this team, which may be for the better depending on which way they go with it.  Neither one of these two should turn face but they should just stay out of each others way.  R-Truth attacks both men and comes out on top at the end of the segment.

Backstage we see Shelton Benjamin talking to Eve Torres.  Triple H comes by and suggests that Shelton can't beat Hardy in the main event.  This comes off as strange because it feels that Triple H is scared of Hardy becoming number one contender. 

Also, they're wasting the U.S. Title on Shelton Benjamin.  He shouldn't be involved with the WWE title right now.  He should be in his own feud.  Shelton going after the WWE title while holding the U.S. Title makes the U.S. Title look inferior.  Why should anyone care about it if Shelton clearly doesn't.

Festus versus Dykstra is next and this match was a waste of time.  Dykstra had some good heel tactics by attacking Festus before the bell.  But the match itself was literally three moves.  Fetus dominates Dykstra and then Jesse and Festus tie him up and wheel him off. 

I understand that it was a whole advertising thing with Smackdown changing stations, but to use up this much time on it was ridiculous.  Dykstra is a natural when it comes to pro wrestling.  He's not used much on house shows and he has matches like this on TV.  How is he suppose to hone his skills if they don't give him any time?

Vickie Guerrero comes out at the top of the hour to explain what happened at Unforgiven with her and The Undertaker.  They decide to show almost the entire segment that aired at Unforgiven, which makes me wonder why they even had it on the pay per view if they were just going to take time on TV to show it. 

Big Show comes out and says that he wants a title shot, so he agreed to protect Vickie from Taker.  This story actually makes sense, so I'm behind it 100 percent.  Now, if creative can remember that Big Show is Vickie's personal bodyguard and no one should mess with her, than there is no way to mess up this story.

Vladimir Kozlov is in a handicap match with Scotty Goldman and Funaki.  I don't understand the point of handicap matches.  It doesn't make anyone look good.  The two jobbers look totally inept and the person on top looks pathetic because they're beating up on jobbers.  The match is not even worth mentioning as it didn't provide anything new to any one's character. 

Kozlov then demands a real challenge in the WWE.  Several things go through my mind as he makes this announcement.  First, why isn't he going after Big Show anymore?  Weren't they about ready to fight last week?  Just because Big Show is a heel know, shouldn't mean that Kozlov doesn't remember him.  Secondly, Kozlov has been undefeated for six months now.  Why hasn't he had a title shot, either U.S. or WWE? 

This continues to show that a win/loss record doesn't exist in the WWE which makes me wonder why they always bring up winning or losing streaks.  If it doesn't mean anything, then don't talk about it.

Ezekiel Jackson is backstage with Triple H.  The Brian Kendrick comes out and Triple H continues to behave strangely.  He claims that Kendrick is an amazing athlete and he should have won the scramble match. 

I understand that Triple H is trying to play mind games with everyone but he's just coming of weird.  Why would Triple H go around the back and keep picking on all the younger talent?  He always gets the last word, which makes everyone else look bad.

A non title tag team match sees Hawkins and Ryder face off against the Carlito and Primo Colon.  It was interesting to see Hawkins and Ryder coming out looking a lot like Edge and Christian.  Makes me wonder if creative is going to push them like that and if Christian does resign with the company, are they going to feud with each other? 

The match was very solid whenever the Colons had control.  Very innovative moves and spots from these two.  The Colons may be the answer the the tag team division problem on Smackdown.  Whenever Hawkins and Ryder had control of the match, they really slowed things down.  They really shouldn't be tag team champions and if they can't keep their matches interesting. 

The end sees Carlito hitting the back stabber for the win.  Hopefully creative will give them a tag team title match next week seeing as how these titles haven't been on the line for quite some time now.  This whole division needs a shot in the arm.

Triple H is backstage picking on MVP, claiming that he's not a contender because he never got a fall during the scramble match.  Triple H is really going out of his way to make all the younger talent look bad this week.  For someone who doesn't have a match on tonight's episode, he really has a lot of screen and time and is destroying the credibility of many workers.  I don't understand why the company feels that this is a good idea.

The main event sees MVP versus Jeff Hardy versus Shelton Benjamin versus The Brian Kendrick in a Fatal Four Way.  The match was very slow considering who was involved with it.  Hardy kept getting knocked out and tossed to the outside, Kendrick proved that he was the smartest wrestler in the match by waiting outside for a good time to come in and steal a victory, and Shelton and MVP worked the entire match. 

It's interesting to note that ever since MVP had that complaint filed against him regarding the drug testing, the company seems to be using him as a stepping stone.  He really didn't come off as aggressive as usual and he seemed to look weaker in comparison to a few weeks ago.  Also, he was the only superstar not to get a pin fall during the scramble match, therefore never becoming interim champion. 

The match was solid but not interesting.  The end sees Jeff picking up the win over Kendrick to become the number one contender to Triple H.  So now it really doesn't make sense for triple H to make everyone else look bad all night seeing as how none of the other wrestlers will be getting revenge anytime soon.

Before we go off the air, Kozlov comes back out and attacks Jeff Hardy.  So now, Hardy is working two programs, which doesn't make sense.  If Kozlov wanted a challenge, why go after the number one contender and not the WWE champion?  Isn't the champion the guy to beat on the brand?  Jeff came off looking weak again because of this attack.  It seems that creative really doesn't want Jeff to succeed.

Overall, a lackluster Smackdown.  Triple H was all over this edition and he didn't even have a match.  New stories were introduced (Big Show/Taker) and old ones keep moving along (Brie Bella).  Nothing too big except the last 20 minutes of the show.  Other than, bland.  My rating: B-