Not Sold On Brandon Jackson As #2 Running Back...

Timmy CheeseheadContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

     Well, we all know that Ryan Grant is a solid #1. Even after going the entire preseason without one carry, he brought it strong against the Vikings in the first game of the regular season (12 carries, 92 yds). However, in this day and age the NFL is a two-back league. This is where Brandon Jackson comes into play (well, figuratively speaking). Sure we all remember the great game Brandon Jackson had in the last game of the regular season last year (20 carries, 113 yds), but it seems most of the time he is running right into the crowded line. A perfect example is this past week's Monday night game. The gmae was winding down to the two minute warning in the 4th. With a Packers 24-19 lead over the Vikings they ran Jackson three plays in a row and every run was exactly the same... RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWDED LINE!

     Last season the Packers Drafted Jackson in the second round. They also drafted another running back in the seventh round of the same draft, DeShawn Wynn. Now if I recall right, Wynn was the Packers starting running back nearing the middle part of last season before getting injured against the Bears. He was ahead of Jackson who was second on the depth chart. Now fastfoward to the present, Jackson is still second behind Grant... and now Wynn is on the practice squad. Something just isn't right with this picture!?

      Kregg Lumpkin, the current #3 back on the roster had a great preseason. He deserves a chance and may get it this week with both Grant and Jackson on the injury report. If so, I have a feeling that he won't run right into the crowded line of scrimmage!