Ryan Grant Fantasy: Buy or Bust?

Logan SchellContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

     Hi here is the second installment of my new segment. Ryan Grant the Green Bay Packers running back who had a very good season last year and led fantasy football in rushing points last year.

     The Pack take on their rival from Michigan the Lions. The Lions over the past three years have been in the bottom three in run defence. The Lions do have a big line but those lineman are there more to stop the pass then there to stop the run.

      Lions coach Rod Marinelli said that the number 1 priority is to stop the run this season. The Packers will be looking to run the ball a lot this year to take some pressure off there new quarterback Arron Rodgers. The Packers again have a very strong offensive line.

     The only thing that I think could hurt Ryan from running all over the Lions is that nagging hamstring injury that he has been dealing with sense the beginning of his camp. They will be in a dome so weather will not play a factor at all. After saying all that its up to you weather you want to start him or not but I would. Thanx for reading.


                               logan schell