"Welcome to the Jungle"...Good Luck, Buckeyes

Logan SchellContributor ISeptember 13, 2008

So tonight, the Ohio State Buckeyes will be traveling to California to take on the No. 1 USC Trojans. The Bucks will be without their star running back Chris Wells after he suffered an ankle injury vs. Youngstown State.

I think that the Bucks are going to have to come out of the gate passing. Boeckman has only faced one ranked opponent in his starting career. The opponent that he faced was the LSU Tigers, who shut down the pass.

If Ohio State comes out with short passes and screens, draws and other trick like plays they very well could beat the Trojan powerhouse. If they come out and run the ball they will lose because they don't have their horse, Chris Wells.

Pryor will have to come in and run some plays if Boeckman isn't being efficient. Pryor could run right out of USC's pass rushes and get into the secondary and make them make some hard open field tackles, which they have struggled with this season.

On the USC side of the ball the way that they can win is easy: Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez. All that they have to do is pass the ball and Ohio State will leave just as fast as they got there.

USC could run the ball but I don't think that they should run it like Wisconsin and then USC will kill the Bucks. Thanks for reading.