Philadelphia Union Fans: Be Grateful for Bimbo Bakeries USA

Cesar DiazCorrespondent IIJanuary 14, 2011

Photograph courtesy of the Philadelphia Union
Photograph courtesy of the Philadelphia Union

Recently Bimbo Bakeries USA became the official sponsor for the Philadelphia Union. With a four-year deal valued at $12 million, it's safe to believe that the players salaries will be covered during that that time.

What I found surprising is the verbal backlash that some of the Union fans had towards Bimbo's (pronounced "Beembo") commitment to the Union. They're making it sound that Bimbo Bakeries USA is synonymous with Playboy or Hustler.

For a city that's recognized for Rocky, booing Santa Claus, and their Philly cheese steaks, I never realized how politically correct and sensitive some of their fans are. I guess some of the Union fans would prefer having the Bimbo bear imprinted on their jerseys then the word itself.

Either that or some of the Union fans are simply racists. I've read some of your comments on Facebook and I don't see the humor in them. If you're all torn up about Bimbo Bakeries USA sponsoring your team, I wonder how some of you would have reacted if Goya Foods was the official sponsor of the Union.

I understand that the word "bimbo" has a negative connotation in our society and you the fans have a right to voice your opinions about it. However, it is also your responsibility to research the company and if you do so, you'll notice that they have different company logos.

At the end of the day, Union fans should be grateful that their team has a sponsor with a good reputation who's recognized for their global social responsibility.

Let's be honest, how many of you have taken the time actually to research the Bimbo company?

If you look at the other sponsors some of the other MLS teams have, you'll be grateful to have Bimbo Bakeries USA. Would the Union be better off having Herbalife, Amway, EA Sports, or XBox 360 as their official sponsor? Two of those sponsors are often questioned about scamming their distributors while the other two are often questioned about the type of violent games that they produce.

You decide.

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