Ron Simmons' DAMN Legacy Overrated By WWE Universe

Jack WindhamAnalyst IApril 8, 2017

Vince McMahon is guilty of retelling wrestling history through his own eyes.

The internet wrestling community is guilty of this as well.

The case is especially true when it comes to the legacy of Ron Simmons.

In the eyes of younger fans, Simmons is a sure fire Hall of Fame inductee. Some may have read about his career through Wikipedia, while others simply say that he is because everyone else is saying it. Simmons gets the benefit of the doubt because of his fairly recent gimmick where he would show up on screen and yell, "Damn!"

Truth is, Simmons is a borderline Hall of Fame wrestler.

Sure, he was the first ever African American world champion in WCW. However, that honor would actually mean something if this was an actual competition like boxing and MMA, as opposed to being a scripted situation like professional wrestling is. Simmons was chosen to be the champion because of Bill Watts wanting to improve his own resume as a booker.

Another thing that Wikipedia doesn't tell people is that Simmons' title reign was far from being legendary. In fact, he's in the same category as Chris Benoit in that they were the champions, but were not treated like the headliner (main event position).

Respect Simmons for his actual work in WCW; not because WWE wants you to.


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