Chris Cooley Is The Missing Ingredient To the Washington Redskins Success

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2008

As I say goodbye to another long work week, and contemplate what would make my short weekend pleasurable, I am hopeful for the fruit that looms heading into Sunday's showdown at FEDEX Field. 

My hometown heroes, The Washington Redskins, put up a shotty offensive performance on the road against their division rival and Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants.  The schedule is brutal with three road games against our divisional opponents within the first five weeks of this young 2008 football season. 

In my humble opinion, to right what is going wrong is a marathon, not a sprint, so alas I would like to cast my vote for the candidate most likely to help us score points right now.

Chris Cooley's career stats speak for themselves.  Captain Caveman has amassed 232 receptions for 2,615 yards.  He's proven he can handle the pressure of carrying our other receivers when they are dropping the ball. 

The key to winning games is to attack our defensive foes with the 6-foot-3, 258 pound monster that is No. 47.  Stop this nonsense of having him pass block on slant routes for Antwan Randle El or Santana Moss. 

Let Mike Sellers be the full-time fullback. When he needs a spell, plug in Rock Cartwright, and utilize the diversity that these players possess.  What's the point of having depth if we are going to stick to the run and play it safe?

Last week's stats for Cooley were inexcusable.  One catch for seven yards.  The man has 27 touchdowns to his credit, and to keep him caged only keeps us one dimensional and boring. 

Stacking eight in the box is killing our chemistry.  Jason Campbell can't let loose if he knows he's got third and 12 from his own 40 yard line.  If he hits Cooley on a go route from the shotgun, he can negate the pass rush, and ease the o-line's difficult job. 

We lack youth and are regressing in skill on this unit.   So to expect them to open holes on the 70 Chip for 2 out of 3 downs is losing football. 

We shouldn't help the Saints by masking the talent that does exist on our team. Using this strategy increases the likelihood that Cooley will rack up the elusive yards after the catch.  

These intangibles are not taught, they are based on instinct. Fellow tight end, rookie Fred Davis, has the pro body, and with Cooley as a teammate, perhaps we can have that one-two punch to cause chaos for the week four game against them Romo-led Cowboys.

I am not saying abandon the run.  Basic football calls for the run to set up the pass.  And that still holds true.  There's no reason to keep Clinton Portis or Ladell Betts under the radar either. 

Balance is the lesson here students. 

Mix it up and when we get near the red zone, for Pete's sake throw it to Cooley!  Send the Ain't's back to hibernate for the winter, and grant my weekend wish of celebrating a hard fought W. 


Final Score: Redskins 20 Saints 17