Wes Welker Video: Is the New England Patriots WR Taking Shots at Rex Ryan?

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Well it's been interesting the last couple of days watching the war of words between the Patriots and the Jets leading up to their meeting in the divisional round Sunday.

Well, mostly, it's been the Jets who've been doing the talking. Whether it's Rex Ryan saying it's personal between him and Tom Brady or Antonio Cromartie calling Brady a name that can't be published in the traditional media. And Brady just shrugged it off and joked about it as he usually does. Really, the Patriots had not fired a retaliatory remark all week. At least, until today.

Until Wes Welker stepped to the podium today and made about 10 "foot" references in the span of a few minutes. Normally this wouldn't be anything other than player-speak trying not to ruffle feathers the week before a playoff game. But knowing the situation about Rex Ryan and the possible foot fetish videos starring his wife, then it becomes a completely different story.

Whether or not it was intentional or just circumstance, it still was an interesting soundbite. The first one or two, I can see as unintentional. But once he gets close to 10 and uses terms like "feet in the air," "toes in the water" and "foot soldiers," one has to think there's more behind it than just coincidence.

If nothing else, it's impressive that Welker was able to slide in so many foot references and possible shots at Ryan hidden in cliches. With a couple of days to go before the game, there'll probably be more. But it's setting up to be a fantastic game Sunday.

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