My 2011 Royal Rumble Predictions

Dante EstorilContributor IJanuary 13, 2011

Every man for himself.
Every man for himself.

Hey everybody, I'm Dante, and this is my first blog about wrestling. I figured what better way to start than with this year's WWE Royal Rumble. With three weeks left until the Rumble, a lot of people, including me, have been wondering who is going to win the Rumble. When asked by my friends, I always give them four wrestlers. Here I am going to give you my opinion on who I think will win the Rumble and why.

Choice 1 CM Punk: About three weeks ago, Punk began to feud with John Cena and became leader of the Nexus. In my opinion, I think that the feud between Cena and Punk shouldn't occur right now. Instead, I think Punk should be training the Nexus to be attack dogs in the Rumble match, similar to what Randy Orton did with Legacy in the '09 Rumble match. This Rumble should be Punk's moment to shine on PPV. He is a former Intercontinental, World Heavyweight and ECW champion, and what better way to have Punk return to action than winning the Rumble. Punk has Nexus by his side and even if they are not all in the match, a good majority of them will be. Lastly, I expect Punk to gain success with this group more than he did with The Straight Edge Society. Not to mention that he has never had a WWE title match at WrestleMania before and as one of the biggest heels on Raw it should be no surprise that Punk wins.

Choice 2 Alberto Del Rio: Now I know you're probably laughing at my pick, but for some I know how WWE is, which is the reason Del Rio Could win. I never thought the Miz would be WWE champion. I mean think about it, Del Rio's new, unpopular and boring, why wouldn't the company have him win? Let's face it, we are living in the "I Don't Care About Main Events Age."

Choice 3 John Cena: John Cena is injured currently, but fear not Cena fans, reports say he won't need surgery again. I think WWE is saving Cena by having him not too active so he could win the Royal Rumble. I mean Cena won the Rumble in 2008, but I do understand that he hasn't been injured so close to it also. If Cena is in the Rumble, I give him the win. Remember what Nexus did to Cena for seven months. What better way to have Cena get his career back on track than a Rumble win to redeem all hell he's endured thanks to the Nexus. My last candidate to win this year's Rumble can relate to being injured...that's right, you guessed it...

Choice 4: Triple H: Triple H is the most popular of all my picks to win. The game has been off TV since Extreme Rules 2010. Now it's common that returning wrestlers win the Royal Rumble (I.E. John Cena and Edge). Plus, don't forget what The Game did after being in the same postion in 2002. The Game may win depending on who wins/retains the title in the championship matches at the Rumble. Triple H is expected to be on top of his game and destroy every man, or maybe female, in the match. If Triple H wins the Rumble I hope sheamus does get the belt at the Elimination Chamber in February. One good revenge match would settle it (not 3 or 4 cause that's overkilling the rivalry). Finally, I don't think they'll be a person surprised to hear "The winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble... Triple H!"

Well I hope u liked and agreed with my opinions. On January 30th, we'll find out who goes on to main event WrestleMania 27. Thanks for reading.