What Do the Florida Gators Need to Do During Their Idle Week?

Sports FanCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008
1. Devote time to preparing for Tennessee

This is a circle your calendar, play their fight song, piss on their logos, get ready for a fistfight type of rivalry game. Every Gator player, coach and fan has this game marked down from the time the schedules are released.

It does not matter what the records are, or the difference in talent levels; this is the early measuring stick game for both schools.

Florida has two wins behind them, and that's where they should be, behind them. Dial in and get ready for the first road trip of the year.

2. Quit dwelling on the Miami game

Get over it. You won. Move on. Quit making the field goal a bigger issue than it really was. You weren't going to punt from their 25 anyways.

There are bigger issues than "Did Urban Meyer run it up on purpose?," like: "Can the offense get it back on track?" or "Where did all the running backs go?"

3. Develop your gameplan

Pick apart Tennessee's game films. Obviously UT plays UAB on Saturday, so they should have an easier time than they did with UCLA. The UCLA game film should have a little bit more of Tennessee's offense than the UAB game will.

The UT offense should be pretty vanilla on Saturday. Tennessee did a lot of things well in the UCLA game, and a lot of things not so well. There is talent on the Tennessee sideline, and Florida should prepare for their playmakers.

Miami played Florida's offense pretty close through the majority of the game, and Tennessee will look to do the same. Dan Mullen and Urban Meyer have to develop a serious gameplan with potential adjustments, because they can't have the play-calling/personnel misuse that occurred Saturday night.

The defense needs to prepare again for two solid running backs, and Tennessee has two better backs than Miami. Tennessee's X-factor will be Gerald Jones, and the Gators must stop him on defense in order to be successful.

4. Take advantage of the bye week

Heal injuries, rest legs, correct mistakes, and practice solidly during the off-week. Watch Tennessee's game on Saturday, and look at the players you will face. Come in ready to go next Monday with a focus and a purpose of beating the Vols, in what has always been a great atmosphere at Neyland Stadium.