Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart To Square Off, This Time in Cyberspace

Alex CarsonCorrespondent IIIMarch 3, 2011

What did you say, Bret?
What did you say, Bret?Paul Kane/Getty Images

Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart have never really been the best of friends.

In a business where political leverage decides who comes out on top, personal feuds can break out.

Hart was never thrilled about how the WWF title was hot-shotted to Hogan at Wrestlemania IX. Hart lost the planned main event to Yokozuna after outside shenanigans from Mr. Fuji, only to see Hogan come down to challenge—and beat—Yoko for the title in a short squash.

Later that year, Hart claims the two were to face off at SummerSlam, with promotional photos even being taken. The plan was scrapped, though, and Hart ended up in a silly feud with Jerry Lawler instead.

Obviously, the guy who the torch should have been passed to was none too pleased.

So here we are, several years later, and the bad blood is still simmering.

Hart took to cyberspace and launched an attack at Hogan via twitter, including allegations of backstabbing and steroid use.

He also got a bit personal, bringing up the seriously injured passenger from the car Hogan's son crashed, finishing it off by calling him a "d----head" (warning, graphic language in the link).

Hogan retorted, apparently laughing it off and claiming the pot has called the kettle black.

This could be a fun one to keep an eye on as two icons of the business square off in a manner that used to be reserved for teenagers trolling forums.

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