WWE: Defining Promo Moments on the Mic

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

WWE: Defining Promo Moments on the Mic

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    In my mind a wrestler must do one thing to become an Icon or a main-eventer of the WWE. They can have the look that is awe-inspiring to see or have their veins be full of electrifying charisma that disintegrates our very souls.

    They need THAT defining moment that firmly clicks into our mind telling us that he/she is a main eventer and maybe even an Icon for the ages.

    That defining moment is a special kind of Promo. It difficult to put into words as one must hear it and witness it to understand the magnitude of the moment.

    A majority of wrestling fans know what I speak of as many have seen moments that transpired in front of their eyes either via live or television. So this slideshow is simply defining my favorite defining moments in no particular order.

    Of course you may disagree with my choice as maybe that was the defining moment for you but another promo was. Or you believe the wrestler never had that moment or yet to receive that moment.

    I'm gonna try my best to showcase moments that absolutely define a wrestler's career!

Austin 3:16

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    "You sit there and you thump your Bible, and say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16 .... Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!"

    This was the Promo that changed pro-wrestling history!  This was also the Promo to judge other promos, as this one propelled a man to heights only few have reached in the pro-wrestling world.

    Wrestlers have to meet the expectations that have been set by the Austin 3:16 promo which is incredibly challenging to do.

    Here we have Austin winning King of the Ring by physically beating the snot out of Jake "The Snake" Roberts only to then verbally beat the snot out of him. It was an intensifying promo that is widely considered the first chapter to the critically acclaim Attitude Era!   

The Miz's Awesome Promo

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    The Miz is old school psychology based wrestler, his selling very good and he puts what he can do in a sensible and concise fashion. That's more than a lot of others do in the WWE.

    I personally consider him the No. 2 promo guy in the WWE right now. His best Promo was when he was the United States Champion and feuding with MVP.

    The Miz meant every word he said and you could see the bitterness in his eyes as he was indeed visualizing the memory of himself being booted out of the locker room just for food crumbs. The promo showed to people how proud he was to reach where he was as a pro-wrestler.

    With that promo he EARNED respect as he showed he could work the mic like the best of them in the WWE at that time.

Mega Powers Promo

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    Oh, how I wish I was born in 1971 as then I would be able to experiences the glories all you older wrestler fans got to experiences.

    I was only born in 1991 which means I can't visually recall or even know which promos were ones that defined the careers of 1970's-80's wrestling personalities. So this promo can be argumentative as I'm sure there were better promos of these two Icons.

    I can't remember nor recall how I saw and heard this promo of the Mega Powers but I can remember the feeling of adrenaline flowing throughout my ears as I heard this promo. The combination of Hulkamania  and The Macho Madness as one entity was too much to bear.

    Alone these men were awesome promo guys but together the words they spoke was truly almost musical!

Jericho's Debut Promo

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    Jericho can make us laugh with the most humorous idiotic comments and can make us all be very pissed at him just by saying a mean word about our beloved HBK.

    No matter if he was a Heel or Face, we can always count on him delivering a phenomenal promo.  It also didn't hurt they he can nearly out wrestle anyone in the world.

    When he debuted on Raw all those many years ago it was in the form of interrupting The Rock when he was in mid-promo. This promo propelled Jericho to heights that he may have not reached if he was to have debuted in a different way.

    This is widely considered the greatest debut of any wrestler in the WWE and maybe even in the entire history of Pro-Wrestling.

    Jericho didn't even had a match yet in the WWE and he already had defined a moment in his WWE career!

CM Punk's Shoot Promo

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    "Oh hey, let me get something straight, those of you who are cheering me right now...you are just as big a part of me leaving as anyone else, because you're the ones sipping out of those collector cups right now, you're the ones that buy those programs that my face isn't on the cover of, and then at five in the morning at the airport, you try to shove it in my face thinking you can get an autograph and sell it on eBay because you're too lazy to get a real job."

    I just get all giddy and warm inside when watch CM Punk's shoot promo. He masterfully had the crowd in the palm of his hands and had everyone believing his each and every word. 

    He utilized his full emotional aggravation with the WWE to fuel his promo. This promo melted television screens all over America because it was scorching hot.

    Ever since this promo, Punk been on a roll, as everything he's been saying has been a home run. He is clearly the best promo guy of this decade and that is damn true fact too.

HBK Loses His Smile

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    When one was to split HBK's career in two it's labeled in two segments, The Pre-Christian HBK and The Christian HBK. 

    HBK was a total jackass pissing off people left and right, but when he became a born-again Christian, he became a nicer, humbled individual who earned respect from his peers.

    The Promo where HBK loses his smile was in my mind the point where HBK started his journey to become the man he is today. At that time, none of us knew it but we caught a glimpse of the HBK that we know today in that Promo.

    HBK may have been a jackass at that time but he cared about Pro Wrestling as in a way it was his only friend and losing his smile defined his career and helped him become the icon he is today.

John Cena's First Rap

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    Alright, stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a new proposition.
    Your position, is that of a failure. I'm 'a nail ya.
    To Jamie Noble's trailer. And then I dare ya, to run around and cause a scare.
    Give people shakes and make them change their underwear.
    I'm on top, it's my fault that you're under there.
    You want a bear? Have Baldo shave his back hair.
    Fast, gotta go it's been a blast. Came out the locker room stole Rey Mysterio's mask.
    Tried to get 'Taker's cast but it was plastered on too tight. Peace, I gotta go, about to hotwire his bike!
    Word Life!

    Who knew one single rap would lead to John Cena becoming this generation's Hulk Hogan? None of us could have predicted that this rap would lead to his rapping gimmick. That rapping gimmick would lead to a world title and lead to many more world titles.

    John Cena is a polarizing figure in wrestling who is hating many while also loved by many. His raps in the early days were hilarious but it was not the greatest promo work ever. Regardless, it led to John Cena's success!  

Ric Flair's This Is What It's All About Promo

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    Ric Flair is a legend and a master promo man. His promos were always intense, electrifying and full of emotion.  This Is What It's All About Promo was the first time I saw Ric Flair speak as I saw this on television as a young boy. I don't which channel it was on or why it was a rerun but it showed me why Flair is the man.

    This Promo is one that should be shown to every wrestler who dreams of being a great promo man as you seriously do not see this kind of work nowadays. I don't even this CM Punk has the skills to cut an intense promo such as the one shown here.


'Til Next Time.....

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    It's a dying art I believe as promos nowadays lack emotional depth and are bland to a breaking point. It's becoming rarer and rarer to witness a promo that would define a wrestler career for years to come.

    With CM Punk leaving after the Money in the Bank PPV concludes it'll be a long while before we see amazing promo skills that do not involve poop jokes in between lines.

    It'll be interesting to see who'll will next take a mic and transform it into a Pipe bomb  and define a moment in their career and create a memory for all to hold within their hearts.

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