Jets vs. Patriots: NFL Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2011

Jets vs. Patriots: NFL Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Jets vs. Patriots: This is a matchup that can't get any better.

    The mouth of Jets coach Rex Ryan will be going up against the mind of Pats head coach Bill Belichick.

    We've also got a veteran quarterback and predicted NFL MVP going up against a talented Jets secondary.

    Needless to say, there's going to be plenty of storylines to discuss for this matchup.

    After last month's embarrassing 45-3 loss to the New England Patriots, the New York Jets are definitely coming into this game with something to prove.

    But before we get into the matchup, we're also here to talk about cheerleader.

    Who has the hottest cheerleaders?  New York or New England?

    Let's find out!

The Football Team: New York Jets

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    Overall Record: 11-5

    Div Record: 4-2

    Average Passing Yards: 202.6

    Average Rushing Yards: 148.4

    Average Passing Yards Allowed: 200.6

    Average Rushing Yards Allowed: 90.9

The Football Team: New England Patriots

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    Overall Record: 14-1

    Div Record: 5-1

    Average Passing Yards: 240.4

    Average Rushing Yards: 123.3

    Average Passing Yards Allowed: 258.5

    Average Rushing Yards Allowed: 108.0

New York Jets: The Pregame Talk

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    Antonio Cromartie didn't have very nice things to say about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as he spoke with the New York Daily News earlier this week.

    Moreover, Jets head coach Rex Ryan stands behind his indignant receiver and stresses the importance of beating Belichick and Brady.

New England Patriots: The Pregame Talk

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    While the Jets are talking, the Patriots are focused on practicing.

    They've had time to rest and prepare against their incoming opponents and know what needs to be done in order for them to win.

New York Jets: Meet Danielle

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    Meet Danielle, an able bodied Jets cheerleader. 

    Think of her as the quarterback of the team, Mark Sanchez.

    Young, pretty, but may be way be a little banged up with a sore shoulder.

New England Patriots: Meet Alysha

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    Meet Alysha, this uber sexy Pats cheerleader.

    Think of her as Tom Brady.  She's got movie star good looks, but is calm, cool, and collected when under pressure.

New York Jets: Meet Jessica

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    This pretty blonde is the cheerleading version of Rex Ryan.

    Somewhere in those eyes, she's hiding some naughty little secrets.

    Foot fetish anyone?

New England Patriots: Meet Quinn

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    Like Bill Belichick she's looks like a seasoned pro.

    She know what she wants, and won't stop until she gets it.

New York Jets: Meet Mandisa

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    She's spunky with a little bit of sass.

    Something about her channels a little bit of the Jets secondary.

    A little bit of Revis and Cromartie is what she's got in her.

New England Patriots: Meet This Trio

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    Meet this trio.

    Together they're unstoppable.  They can make any defense stop in their tracks.

    Just like the Pats' Welker, Branch and Hernandez.

New York Jets: The Rest

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    Here's the rest of the Jets squad.

    They're definitely not a group that should underestimated.

    Just like their running game, which as a big reason why they won against the Colts last weekend.

New England Patriots: The Rest

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    Meet the rest of the Patriots cheerleaders.

    They're a classy looking bunch.

    It's time for them to step up and lock down in the playoffs, just like the Patriots secondary.

    During the regular season, New England was guilty of giving up plenty of passing yards.

    That can't happen against Mark Sanchez.

New York Jets: Blowing Kisses

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    If nothing else works, maybe blowing kisses could do the trick.

    Who knows Brady might fall for it.

New England Patriots: Stretch

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    But the Patriots gals can counter whatever the Jets girls can do.

    On sexy move, deserves another.

New York Jets: Hot Cheerleader

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    We're talking too much football to even focus on the cheerleader.

    Look at this girl, she's a lean, mean, cheerleading machine.

New England Patriots: Hot Cheerleader

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    Uh oh, the Patriots are pulling out all the stops.

    They're going for the sexy, sultry bikini shot.

    That's way too hard to resist.

New York Jets: Another Hot Cheerleader

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    Here's another contender for hot cheerleader.

    Those sexy leggings are making her look mighty hot.

New England Cheerleader: Another Hot Cheerleader

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    But here we go again.

    More swimsuit shots from Boston's hottest.

New York Jets: Another Candidate

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    One more entry for hottest cheerleader.

    I'm liking the boots.

New England Patriots: Navy Outfit

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    First swimsuits, now dressing up in a sexy Navy outfit.

    Oh man, the Patriots are running away with this game.  Or, I mean showdown.

New York Jets: More Cheerleaders

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    Here come the Jets ladies once again, trying to get another shot to impress.

New England Patriots: More Cheerleaders

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    But the Pats ladies are likely to let the happen.

    They won't stop until they're on top.

New York Jets: Getting Their Sexy On

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    Oooh, now they're getting their sexy on.

    But it might just be a little bit too late.

New England Patriots: Victory Lap

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    It looks like the Patriots have this matchup in hand.

    Look, they're getting ready to do a victory lap.

New York Jets: One More Drive

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    Sorry ladies.

    You should have gotten your game on earlier.

It's Official: Patriots Win

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    Behind, Alysha's behind.   The Pats cheerleaders pull of this win in today's showdown.

    Just like her quarterback counterpart, Tom Brady, Alysha's got the hottness to carry this cheerleading team.

Cheerleading Showdown MVP: Alysha

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    Alysha is the clear cut MVP. 

    She wins this matchup because of her all-around skills as a cheerleader, looks and star power.

    Now, if the actual game is going to go anything like this matchup.  Tom Brady will be the guy that leads the Patriots to a win.

    Prediction: Patriots 28, Jets 20