Shawn Michaels Induction: WWE Better Not Choose Bret Hart

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2011

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Wrestling is a business.

It's a motto that some wrestling fans have trouble understanding and accepting. However, it's the motto which Vince McMahon lives by.

Throughout the years, McMahon has made a lot of decisions that confused wrestling fans. He didn't always do things for the sake of the audience. He always did things for the sake of the company and for his personal bank account.

It's a "dog eat dog" world out there, so it's difficult to fully blame McMahon.

There's a fear going through the Internet wrestling community right now that McMahon is going to make a business decision in regards to who gets to induct Shawn Michaels into the hall of fame.

From a fan's point of view, the names that make the most sense are Triple H and Kevin Nash. Not only are they two of his closest friends in real life, but they both have a history with him on screen as well. Jose Lothario, who trained Michaels to become a professional wrestler, also makes sense.

The fear is that McMahon is going to choose Bret Hart as the person to induct Michaels. The belief is that he wants to push the "feel good" story that these two have made up in real life.

If he goes with a business decision this time, then he's making a big mistake.


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