An Interesting Game in The Nfl This Week and Last Huh?

Caleb FishContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

Recap:Vikings vs. Packers                   Preview:Vikings vs. Colts


First of all.........WOW. Didn't the vikings not play well vs. the packers? I thought that was a sure game. I mean the vikings were picked to win the SUPER BOWL by a lot of people. I'm still in shock.....I thought Aaron Rodgers played up to the hype and beyond. He is a super-hero in green bay. I thought Tarvaris Jackson didn't play well at all, hurt or not, you have to beat your rivals at their home turf. I don't think it matters what week it is you need to win that game. I think Adrian Peterson should have gotten more carries and that Tarvaris shouldn't of thrown the ball so many times. Chester Taylor didn't get as many carries as I thought he should have gotten. I'm really disappointed in the vikings defense too. Wasn't Jared Allen supposed to help defend the pass game and run game. All I saw that was different in their this year compared to last year is they are worse in defending the run game......and the pass game. There is no way the vikings make the playoffs with Tarvaris at   QB. I they need to change it up out there they need change and fast or else they mine as well say goodbye to their season.


Now, for the preview, the vikings and colts. Seems like a game everyone wants to see huh? In order to win this game the vikings need to stop Peyton Manning....I mean Jared Allen needs to stop Peyton Manning from.....throwing. He didn't have a great game against the bears but i believe this week will be a huge improvement. He'll throw for 3 tds. Their defense needs to stop the run and this game is over before it starts. If they hold Peterson and Taylor to a combined total of under 150 yds. the colts have this game without question. But then again if Tarvaris shows up to play this week a different tale may be told. I think he will need to have a completion percentage of at least...72%...that's if the colts shut down the run. If they don't and Peterson and Taylor have more than 200 yds. this game is over.

I predict the final score being.....Colts:34      Vikings:17