Can Rick Neuheisel and the Ucla Bruins do it again?

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

                                    Preview for the UCLA vs. BYU

     With last week off the Bruins have had some extra time to scout these pesky mountain lions. That will be a great advantage for them. Ucla will show no let down what so ever this weekend Rick Neuheisel is way to good of a coach to let that happen.

    Ucla's offence looked unready against Tennessee but come on is there anyway they could be. They lost there two very talented quarterbacks and still found a way to win. I honestly think that Craft will look much better this week and throw 3 touchdowns and 1 INT. We might get to see this Ucla's offence at its best this weekend and I'm excited to see it.

    On the Byu side of it obviously they have a very talented quarterback in Max Hall. He has 5 touchdowns so far this year and expect him to throw about 35 by seasons end. They have showed pretty good Defence this year but it still needs to improve if they would like to make it to week 7 undefeated to face off with TCU.

    Ucla has a tough challenge ahead of them against Byu who is almost unbeatable at home. They will need to blitz and pressure Max Hall if they have any chance at slowing Byu's offence down. On Offence they need to run the ball to give Craft some opportunities to pass the ball effectively.

   At the end of this game the score will be BYU: 31, and UCLA: 21....Byu keeps there home winning streak in tact and keep there dream of crashing a BCS bowl game alive

                                               Reid Mueller