Will Wisconsin Have a Tough Game Against Fresno State?

Caleb FishContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

Wisconsin Badgers vs. Fresno State


Well, this is an interesting game for me, because I am a badger fan. I think that there might be an upset on campus tomorrow night at 7:30 EST.

I believe Alan Evridge needs to make a name for himself instead of "the guy who hands to ball off to PJ." If he does that sometime soon, the Badgers won't have to rely on the run for the ENTIRE game.

If he doesn't, pretty soon the badgers will run the multiple option offense with P.J. Hill at quarterback and Zach Brown at tailback.

Of course, there is a chance that this game with be a show stealer, and that's if the Bulldogs can stop Hill and Brown.

If the Bulldogs stop Hill and Brown, and then throw two touchdown passes over the very inexperienced Badger secondary, the game is over. The Badgers would be dead at that moment.

I predict the final score being Badgers winning 27-24 on a game-winning field goal with under 10 seconds left.



                                    Caleb Fish