Vince Young mentioning "suicide" several times before disappearing

aragornzxlContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

            Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have wondered in the past few days why the police was needed to find a certain Vince Young after his lackluster performance on Sunday against the Jaguars. Well, today, we knew.

            According to reports, Vince Young mentioned to his therapist the word "suicide" several times, and he left stating he will "take a gun and drive away". Kudos to the therapists, there was no way he could let the star franchise quarterback of the Titans go on a suicide mission, and he notified Coach Fisher, who then passed the word onto the Nashville Police.

            According to Young, who spoke with the media today, he was "never depressed. I just hurt a little bit … When it happens again, I’ll know how to handle it." Whew, for a second there, I thought you would become the second T.O. Well, now we can sleep better tonight knowing Young was unsuccessful about killing himself. However, the question still looms; why in the world would such a small thing impact him that much?

            The answer is quite obvious; he grew up being cheered on. Wherever he went, he won. In his first year as a titan, he led them to a 8-5 record. The second year, 10-6. The third year, he got booed. I'm sorry Vince, but if you cannot withstand the booing of the fans, please quit football right now before you do something totally irrational. I do not know of one quarterback who has never been booed in the NFL. Nope, it does not exist. To want all the glory means big responsibilities, and especially if you cannot pull your own weight, you are going to get booed. Don't get me wrong, i understand his emotion; in fact, all of us do, but the correct thing to do is to perform better, to make better decisions and better throws. Then, instead of killing yourself, maybe you could kill someone else, like um.... let's say the Bengals for example, huh?