Matt Ryan: The Real Deal, and Leader Of The Upstart Falcons

Kyle McDonoughContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

He was always doubted.

Coming out of a small high school in rural Pennsylvania, Matt Ryan was too small. He was too slow. He was too weak. He wasn't ready for bigtime football.

So he did what was right for him: Not go to a bigtime Division one powerhouse but take the high road. He went to Boston College, where a big time education was a reassuring fallback if the critics were right about him.

Oh were they mistaken!

Matt Ryan went into his senior year as the ACC preseason player of the year. Nobody talked about him. He was projected as a late third round pick-at best, and as the season progressed at Ryan piled up touchdown after touchdown-throwing to second rate receivers at best. 

As draft day approached, the critics were right there whispering in his ear. He threw too many interceptions, or he wasn't mobile enough outside of the pocket. But they call him "Matty Ice" for a reason. He nonchalantly walked up to meet Roger Goodell as the predecessor to Michael Vick on draft day.

And if the Football Gods have sent us any message this season, it has come in the form of Ryan's first pass: a 62-yard bullet to Michael Jenkins for a touchdown.

So sit back and let Matt Ryan prove everyone in this league wrong and lead the Falcons to an NFC South title!