NFL Rumors: Should Perry Fewell Get Nod in Denver Broncos Coaching Search?

Erick SpaltiCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2011

Perry Fewell
Perry FewellRick Stewart/Getty Images

It seems like the Denver Broncos and John Elway are interviewing everyone in the world for their open head coaching position. By allowing full access to the fans in this search, the Broncos have managed to avoid the potential negativity towards some of the potential candidates.

John Fox may have had a few good seasons in Carolina, but he had just as many miserable ones. Fox in my opinion would be a better fit at defensive coordinator. His miserable 2-14 record last season in Carolina should mean something and that's not another head coaching gig.

Though Eric Studesville did prove he could improve the running game if given the ability to call the plays, He doesn't have the experience the Broncos need right now after letting rookie head coach Josh McDaniel's set the franchise back a decade. The Broncos are also reportedly looking for a defensive minded head coach.

Perry Fewell seems to me to be the most likely candidate so far interviewed. Fewell is a defensive minded head coach who has proved his system can work effectively with the correct personnel. He's not stubborn or hard headed, and the players in New York really seem to react well to him and his philosophy.

The Giants, where Fewell currently serves as Defensive Coordinator, respectively ranked eighth in Rushing Defense, ninth in passing defense, seventh in total yards allowed, 17th in points allowed, and second in sacks during the 2010 regular season in Fewells first season.

Fewell served as the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills from 2006-Week 10 of the 2009 Season when he was appointed Interim head coach after Dick Jauron was fired.

2006 Season Defensive Ranks: 18th YPG (Yards Per Game), 10th points allowed per game, eighth sacks, seventh passing defense, and 28th in rushing defense.

2007 Season Defensive Ranks: 31st YPG, 18th PPG, 29th sacks, 29th passing defense, and 25th in rushing defense.

2008 Season Defensive Ranks: 14th YPG, 14th PPG, 28th sacks, 20th Passing defense, and 22nd in rushing defense.

2009 Season Defensive Ranks (Served seven games as Head Coach): 19th YPG, 16th PPG, T-18th in sacks, second passing defense, 30th in rushing defense.

So now that you know a little about Perry Fewell, How do you feel about him possibly becoming the next head coach of the Denver Broncos?

Hopefully the Denver Broncos make the right decision. With a solid core of young offensive talent, the Broncos really need someone to come in and rebuild the defense to respectability.

Perry Fewell could be that man.