NFL Week Two Previews and Predictions

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2008

I'm going to change it up a little this week.

Last week, I previewed every game with a description for each pick. This time, I'm still going to give my picks, but will only provide a reasoning for my two most notable games of the week.

So let's get right into it.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati—Tennessee wins, 31-14

Green Bay @ Detroit—Green Bay wins, 27-10

Oakland @ Kansas City—Kansas City wins 35-7.

New York Giants @ St. Louis Rams—St. Louis wins 16-14

Indianapolis @ Minnesota—Indianapolis wins 24-19

New Orleans @ Washington—New Orleans wins 38-27

Chicago @ Carolina—Chicago wins 24-20

Buffalo @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville wins 24-13

San Francisco @ Seattle—Seattle wins 13-6

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay—Atlanta wins 21-13

Miami @ Arizona—Arizona wins 42-17

San Diego @ Denver—Denver wins 28-24

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland—Pittsburgh wins 20-10.

Games of the week

New England @ New York Jets—New England wins 31-24

I chose this game as a game of the week because of all the hype surrounding the game. What will Matt Cassel do? Can the Jets actually beat the Patriots and prove they are for real? Can Brett Favre have another good performance? Yes, no, and no.

Yes, Matt Cassel will play well. No, the Jets cannot prove themselves this week. No, Brett Favre will not have another good game. All of this adds up to a New England win, but it should still be a good game.

Philadelphia @ Dallas—Dallas wins 13-10

I chose this game as a game of the week because of the hype surrounding it as well. Plus, it's a Monday night game. Now, why do I think it will be so low scoring? Well, part of it is because Tony Romo never plays well against the Eagles in Dallas, and because the Eagles' defense always plays well in Dallas.

Another part of it is, I just don't think Donovan McNabb will get it done this week and have another big game. But I mostly predicted that because of my gut.

So there you have it. There are all of my Week Two picks.

But there's more! I've got a challenge for you.

It's not a big contest, just a small event you can compete in one week and not compete in the next.

All you have to do is post a comment with your predictions for the week in it. If you get every single game right, you are a winner. If one of your predictions turns out to be completely true (score is right and pick is right), then you are also a winner. I think each is as difficult to achieve as the other, so the same prize would be given out to the winners.

So just comment with your picks to enter for this week. You don't need to participate every week, it is just a week to week competition. No overall record will be kept, just the two things I mentioned above will be checked.

What do winners receive? That is not determined yet.