Shaq to Retire in 734 Days—Can he Make It That Long?

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2008

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While watching ESPN's Pardon the Interruption today, I found out that Shaquille O'Neal is planning on retiring in exactly 734 days. Meaning two more seasons. We all know Shaq is one of the most dominant players ever to play the game, but can he really make it two more years?

Shaq's played on four different teams winning championships on two of those teams and has been a truly dominant player always. But he is getting old. Shaq is 36 right now and is hurt almost constantly. Shaq played only 61 games last year, 40 the year before, and 59 the year before that. But Shaq has never really been the guy to stay healthy a full season.

Although having had the worst season scoring wise of his career last season, there is some upside for Shaq. While he was with Phoenix, he averaged more rebounds per game (10.6) then he has since 2003-2004 back when he was with LA. Maybe Shaq can still get it done.

If Shaq really does play two more seasons, he might be able to get a championship with a new team that he is looking for, saying that is why he still wants to play. With him, the Suns will be a major contender in the West but they have to do it fast with Shaq and Steve Nash aging.

Personally, I think Shaq will be able to get it done if he stays but will not be his self of old. He will be a good big body in the middle who is slightly above average at the center position.