Scoff with The Off: Cena Fined After Raw, Nexus vs. Nexus?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2011

What's up, bleaches? The Off is back after some technical difficulties to once again give you news you want to hear, so let's get to it.


John Cena Fined After Using "Profanity" on Raw

I am sure all of you hear this so-called profanity on Raw when Cena told Punk that he was going to "whoop his ass." Oh no, he said ass! Now I don't know how the PG rules stay, but really?

One word that really brought out the emotion of John Cena, I am not for the all-out cussing again, but give me a break, fine the face of the WWE for ass? Not cool WWE.

CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett? 

CM Punk has regained control of Nexus, as we all know by now. Wade Barrett is on Smackdown, but after this Friday we will see him joined by Gabriel, Slater and Big Zeke. Four members on Wade's side, four on Punk's. Anybody else smell a four-on-four match for sole leader of Nexus?

WWE Birthdays: 1/12

Happy Birthday to: Luna Vachon (RIP) and B. Brian Blair.

Did You Know?

WrestleMania VII was moved from the Rose Bowl to the Sports Arena in Los Angeles because Vince McMahon feared a sniper might try and take out lead heel Sgt. Slaughter, playing the role of an Iraqi sympathiser during the Gulf War.