Owen Schmitt's Swan Song: WVU 48, OU 28

Ryan TCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2008

As I watched the ending of the Fiesta Bowl, I wondered: What if West Virginia had beaten Pitt?

Everyone in the country was refering to Oklahoma as the number-one skilled team in the country, but WVU put it on them bad!

So, where does this put WVU? Over Georgia? Many people said a blowout in their bowl game would push the Bulldogs number one. Well, in my opinion this was a more convincing win—all and all.

But regardless of the Mountaineers' final ranking, I just want to say that the play of leading senior Owen Schmitt literally brought tears to my eyes. As Owen expressed his feeling for the state of West Virginia I couldn't help but cry—Baby? No! Fan? Yes!

Schmitt showed the nation the true spirit of a Mountaineer. I just want Owen to know that he maybe done as a West Virginia player, but he will always be a Mountaineer!

From a true Mountaineer to another: Owen, I will always remember you!