Vince Young...We're Here For You Whether You Think We Are Or Not

Zachary WishnovContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

For the past couple of weeks, there have been reports of Vince Young considering quitting football, not loving the game anymore, and even bringing his team down because of it. It is no longer a joke or something to be made fun of. Vince Young, according to his therapist, has discussed committing suicide and ending his life.

I've heard fans of the Titans and fans of other teams calling Young things like a loser, a wimp, a bad player, and other things which I wouldn't be allowed to say because of moral issues.

Depression is not new to players in the NFL believe it or not. In fact, a case was seen earlier in the year when pro-bowler Shawn Andrews did not show up for training camp. There were rumors of it being a contract dispute but in time, Andrews asked for help with his clinical depression.

The Philadelphia Eagles organization immediately jumped on it and provided him with a support group, intense therapy, and all the love that he could possibly need in his struggles.

In time, he got back on that horse and returned to the field and is now once again in his usual form. He beat his depression back with a bad ass stick because he had people believe in him.

What Vince Young needs right now is not people saying he's a loser who can't take the pressure. What he needs is support from his friends, family, and most of all, fans.

Vince Young, you have a great future ahead of you and I, myself, would hate to see you let that get away from you. You have more potential talent than anyone out there and you have my support.

Suicide is nothing to joke about and Vince Young needs all the support he can get right now. You got mine Vince.