The Caddillac Has Crashed...again maybe for good

Logan SchellContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

OK folks, so all of you know Cadillac Williams, the running back (or when he's healthy) for the Tampa bay Buccaneers. He has gone down, once again, for the second straight season with a knee injury.

I don't know, but he's not a very physical runner such as Marion Barber or Adrian Peterson. I think that his rookie season was just a giant bust and I don't think that he should be playing in the NFL because he isn't very big and he only ran behind Alstot. I'm sure that even i could run for what he did behind that line with Alstot and if you look at the bucks run to pass ratio, its crazy. Anybody can run for that many yards with a billion rushes (figure of speech).

All i'm saying is that if you gonna go with someone who had a crazy career in college, draft the guy who was second on the depth chart (Ronnie brown). So that's all I'm gonna say. Peace to all.

By:Logan Schell