Out with the New, In with the Old? Watch out Rutgers fans!

Adam HelfgottCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

With the 2008 season getting off to a rocky start let's take a look back at why it used to be amusing to watch Rutgers with only 15,000 people there...

1) You knew who the real fans were! Or at least the ones who had nothing (really nothing) to do on a Saturday.

2) No game day traffic!

3) No bathroom lines! Or food lines!

4)You could hear one person across the field yell R!!!

5) The coaches could hear your insults.

6) You could move around to different seats.

7)You could talk to the fans in your section without having to yell over the band-wagoners.

8) All you cared about was if the Scarlet Knight would fight the other team's mascot.

9) You could start a five-person wave!

10) There was no need for luxury suites.

In all honesty it would not be funny if Rutgers football went back to its old ways. Back in the Shea and early years of the Schiano era where 15,000 fans used to show up and watch their team get trounced on.

If losses keep adding up at home like they did to start with this year against Fresno State and UNC then don't worry diehard fans, you'll have plenty of leg room come homecoming!