NFL Bold Predictions: Week Two

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2008

Here we are, Week One is done and it's time to start putting on the blinders and worrying about what is going to happen in these games.

Tom Brady, done.  Colts/Bolts, done.  Michael Turner/Matt Ryan, old news.

So here we go, some bold predictions for what is going to happen this week.

  • Chad Ocho Cinco puts "$4 Million" where "Ocho Cinco" or "Johnson" should be.  This man has too many names.
  • The Jets beat the Patriots, but Bernard Pollard magically appears and hits Matt Cassell in the leg, ending his season.
  • To continue the high amount of injuries among star players this season, Peyton Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Adrian Peterson are also out for the season.
  • Back to the Jets-Pats game, there a lot of signs mentioning Bernard Pollard in the stands.  Eric Mangini accuses Bill Belichick of putting cameras in these signs thus beginning Spy Gate Part Deux.
  • Both the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers play horribly, and their game ends in a zero-zero tie after overtime.
  • I continue to do better than Sean Crowe in our attempts at picking against the spead.
  • Roscoe Parish continues his attempt to become my favorite player not on the Chicago Bears.
  • The Lions bounce continue to lose, badly.
  • The Raiders bounce back against the lowly Chiefs.

Now comes the time for some over/unders of the week.

  • Touchdowns for Matt Cassell +/- two.
  • Bernard Pollard signs in the Meadow lands +/- 394
  • Raider articles that will try to use Raider Nation to get reads +/- 49
  • Yards for Matt Forte now that he has been exposed as a beast +/- 84
  • My correct picks for week two of "You Can Bet on it..." +/- 9, don't forget to read them tomorrow. (Self promotion never hurt anybody)
  • Amount of times Tony Romo multiplies himself for the next Pepsi commercial +/- 4 times normal size.

There you go, some bold predictions, over/unders, and self promotion.  Don't forget to check out You Can Bet on it... tomorrow.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a basketball fan's site.