Can The Fearsome Lions Handle The New Found Confidence Of The Cheese Heads

Stephen NowlinContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

After a hard loss on opening day to the Atlanta Falcons, does Detroit have what it takes to combat the Pack?

Detroit had an impressive day as far as stats go they just couldn't turn them up onto the score board. Kitna had 246 passing yards and a total of 62 rushing yards, they still couldn't find that extra push to fly past the Falcons.

Despite their home-field advantage, can the Lions dominate the Pack's new-found front-man Aaron Rogers. Comparing the rushing yards from the first week, Green Bay had 139, 77 more than Detroit, so can we say that GB's offensive line will be able to give that kind of cushion against Detroit.

So what can we expect to see in this showdown? Will the battle of Rogers and Kitna prove to be a proving ground for one or will it be a let down? Will the rushing game of Detroit be able to step up against the Packers defense?

Let's sit back and watch as the Pack heads to the Lions Den in Detroit for week two.