Rodgers Shows Packers He Can Handle The Pressure

Stephen NowlinContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

We all love seeing a great entrance in our favorite action movie or in a great comedy. Aaron Rodgers showed us that you can also do so in football.

Being able to come out in the first game of the season after all the controversy over the Favre retirement and being able to perform on the level he did is quite the statement.

With an impressive 18 for 22 average for a total of 178 yards and 0 interceptions to add to his grand start, Aaron Rodgers is looking like he may be the best choice for the Packers this year. Especially with an 8.1 average per attempt, he proves he isn't afraid to step up and show that after many years of being Favre's sideline shadow, he has a little game of his own.