Was WR Denarius Moore Drafted to Replace the Injury Prone Chaz Schilens?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 14, 2011

Drafted to be a success in Oakland , WR Chaz Schilens is the top injury proned player in the NFL.
Drafted to be a success in Oakland , WR Chaz Schilens is the top injury proned player in the NFL.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

 Since his being drafted in 2008, WR Chaz Schilens has spent the majority of his NFL career as a bench warmer for the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders had high expectations for the 6'4", 225 lb WR. Schilens is a big target for any QB and has great hands when he is on the field. However, that's the problem for the three- year veteran, he cant stay healthy.

 Many Oakland Raider fans including the coaching staff felt Schilens would become  the number one receiver. Chaz Schilens was even assigned jersey number 81, the former number of Oakland Raider great, Tim Brown. It was hoped Schilens would carry the torch of WR Tim Brown and play at a level that equaled today's top receivers. Sadly, it has been the opposite. Sorry Tim.

In his first season Chaz Schilens only posted 2 TDs. He had 15 receptions for 226 yards. This was his first season so big numbers were not expected, although we would have loved to see higher numbers. Season number two was a bit  more productive yet Chaz only had two TDs, 29 receptions for 365 yards.Then last season the stats completely dropped as he had one TD, and a low 5 receptions for 40 yards. Schilens has been injured so many time that he simply is not a factor nor is he helping the Oakland Raiders succeed in their drive to be the best out there.

 Chaz Schilens should be aware that no production results in being cut. A prime example of low productivity was his former team mate JaMarcus Russell. Russell was a cancer to the Oakland Raiders and soon found himself unemployed as an NFL player everywhere. So what options are left for the Oakland Raiders than to bring in new blood and new hunger in the WR position. To draft a WR that has the speed and above all, reliability to become an asset to the Silver and Black offensive attack!

 Considered one of the top wide receivers in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected WR Denarius Moore in the fifth round in 2011. As a senior, Tennessee Volunteer Moore averaged over 20 yards per catch. Moore also posted 4.45 at the Combine. For the Silver and Black he was a steal!

 Denarius Moore was the only player in Tennessee history to post two games with 200 plus receiving yards.It also appears that with proper coaching, Moore can put up huge numbers.  When the Volunteers brought in offensive coach Tyler Bray, Denarius caught 29 passes for 724 yards and had five TD's.

 Still the question remains? Was Denarius Moore brought in to replace an unproductive and injury plagued Chaz Schilens? Chances are, yes. Chaz Schilens for some reason has the hearts of some Raider fans. There seems to be opinions that Chaz Schilens will finally be as good as the player whose number he replaced when in fact, he is close to being released  by the Oakland Raiders.

Chaz Schilens has been the most injury prone player in the NFL in recent years. He has also been told by the Oakland Raider organization (Al Davis) that a roster spot has not been guaranteed for him. Chaz Schilens has to either play some serious, uninjured football or he joins Jamarcus Russell.

 The Oakland Raiders brought in two "sleeper" WR to compliment Jacoby Ford, Darius Heyward-Bey, DHB ( who should also watch out) and Louis Murphy. The WR corp of the Oakland Raider is nowhere near to being Superbowl worthy, however, head coach Hue Jackson can make the necessary changes and with training, they can become elite. Hue Jackson did wonders with Darren McFadden and the offensive rushing attack last season, so it will be nice to see the passing game improve as well. There's still question as to the offense QB protection but it seems to be improving as we all witnessed last season.

 It is very promising to hear that the QB Jason Campbell and his WRs are working out even though the lockout is still in effect.The Oakland Raiders should be able to make the playoffs next season, but they must release the unproductive, the injury plagued, Chaz Schilens. Should he prove to be a factor on another team if release is not a big issue as his past record shows, he is unreliable.