Has a Premier League Footballer Really Been Outed As Gay?

True BlueCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2011

The first of many?
The first of many?

This morning I read a blog on which an openly bi-sexual man, Jaiden Michael has taken it upon himself to 'out' a Premier League footballer.

For legal reasons I will not name the player.

It is pretty unusual for a public figure to be so blatantly named in this way, and of course the issues that the player would face if true could blight his private and professional life. Whether that is right or wrong is not for me to say but that remains the likely outcome of this information being made public.

If false then the blogger in question may well find himself in court in the not too distant future.

I for one have no issues with any sports people being gay but I do know from what I have read and heard that many of those who would be expected to play with a gay footballer, or even against him will have issues.

To get a real sense of what it is like in the locker room I would suggest you type 'John Amaechi' into Google and read why its still best not to make the fact that you are gay public.