The Kiffin Factor

Mike SommersContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

The Kiffin factor is still moving forward and upward. Look, we all (at lease I was) were very excited at Kiffins arrival, he came from USC and was used to winning.... He cleaned house of negative lamers and started to bring the Raiders back to what we want, a productive, winning product we can be proud of. He took a 2-14 team that couldnt score a friggin offensive TD and went 4-12 (not a good record but you guys know how close we were to winning most of those games). We were (and are) on the move in the right direction... we went from not scoring on offense 2 years ago, to averaging 17 points per game last year.... AND THAT WAS WITH WHO??? Jordan, McClown, Culpepper, Schweigart, and others... WOW what a task indeed. So kiffin kept cleaning the house this year and has a pretty decent team to work with..... I said ryan might be the core of all evil (see last years 4th quarter "non" stoppages) for this team... lets give Kiffin a chance, I think he will be great and will continue to improve this team. We will also see how Ryan does!!! Either way: I'm IN!! Raiders Raiders Raiders