A Modest Proposal for Post-Season College Football

Michael CollinsAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2008

While the season still has a number of games to be played, the Big East and the ACC look weak this year. 

The Big East projected leader, West Virginia, was owned by East Carolina last week.  The Pirates also took out Virginia Tech the week prior.  Alabama crushed Clemson in the first week.  Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Connecticut and South Florida have eked out last quarter wins over fair competition. 

Why not tie conference winner's poll standings to BCS bowl selections? 

If a conference winner is not in the top 12, they do not get a berth in a BCS bowl.  With ten slots for BCS bowls, that would open up many more slots for strong conferences' teams.  Why not send three SEC, Pac-10 or Big 12 teams to BCS bowls? 

As matters stand, conference teams do not have to finish high in the polls or be considered elite football teams, but only win their conference championship.   

Why not send Georgia, Florida, and two of the SEC West teams to BCS bowls?  Why not send USC, Oregon and Cal to BCS bowls?  The BCS bowls should pay everyone equally.

Wouldn't the games in January be more interesting and competitive? 

The alternative is a playoff—which is forbidden.  We'll exclude the non-BCS teams of course.  

Oh yeah, Notre Dame....let's cut them out of the contract.  The Irish only get automatic qualification in the top eight anyway, and get second place money.  They can cut their own deals with the bowls.