BCS Championship Game 2010: Why The SEC Is Unstoppable In The Title Game

Derek SmithCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2011

Once 5-19 head coach Gene Chizik guided his Cam Newton-led Auburn Tigers to their first National Title in the BCS era.  This makes a huge statement to the rest of the country: Go big, or Go Home!  I mean if a 5-19 coach can come into the SEC and have that kind of season, well I just don't see much hope for the other conferences.

For the past five seasons the Southeastern Conference has dominated the world of college football.  If you ask me, it comes down to a few simple keys.

The first key is that the SEC recruits BIG!  Cam Newton, for example, weighed about the same as the linemen on the Oregon defense.  Nick Fairley tossed the Oregon offensive line around like they were rag dolls.  The more the SEC continues to dominate, the more the SEC lands four and five star recruits. We saw the same thing with Alabama last season with Terrance Cody.

The second key is conditioning.  Auburn was able to completely adapt to the game, and gave Oregon a taste of their own medicine.  When Oregon ran a fast paced, gun-slingger offense, the Tigers ran it faster and more effectively.  Beating Oregon at their own game, while remaining focused and energetic.

Do you get it now Big Ten, Pac-10 and Mountain West?  We will not be beaten in the National Championship game.  If anything, we are getting stronger.

Congratulations to the Auburn Tigers on an amazing BCS title win.

Two Heisman Trophies, two national titles, from the same division of the same conference, back-to-back!

SEC Forever!

Signing off and Roll Tide,

Derek Smith