Amanda Pflugrad and the Babes of Fox Sports

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJanuary 10, 2011

Amanda Pflugrad and the Babes of Fox Sports

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    In the wake of the 2011 BCS Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon, we at Bleacher Report decided to honor former Oregon Ducks cheerleader and current Fox Sports correspondent Amanda Pflugrad by giving you 10 of the hottest babes currently working for Fox Sports.

    Obviously, Pflugrad is going to be in this slideshow.

    But who else will make the cut?

    There are some you probably can guess, and others you may have never heard of.

    So buckle down and prepare to be blown away by these hot Fox Sports babes.

    You're welcome.

10. Lara Pitt

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    Lara Pitt's apparently married, so don't get any ideas guys.

    Or do.

    Who am I to tell you not to pursue the woman of your dreams?

Lara Pitt

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    Originally from Sydney, Lara Pitt is reporter for FOX Sports News in Australia.

    The Aussie isn't well known, except once you see her, you remember her very well.

    And no, Brad Pitt isn't her husband.

9. Lauren Bowden

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    A sideline reporter for Fox, Lauren Bowden is the daughter of former Clemson Tigers coach Tommy Bowden and granddaughter of former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden.

    She also got into hot water a couple years back when some naked photos of her surfaced on the internet.

    And no, I'm not going to show you the naked photos. This is a family website.

8. Lindsay Soto

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    Known for her work at Fox Sports Net West/FSN Prime Ticket, Lindsay Soto is fairly attractive, but there are a couple of things about her that will get any man's attention.

    Note: If you don't know what these two things are, you are either not a man or can't see in 3D.

Lindsay Soto

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    With those two things out of this picture, Soto is still pretty attractive.

    This cameraperson obviously wasn't a man.

Lindsay Soto

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    Lindsay must have stuffed a pillow in her turtleneck to keep warm.

    Wait, that's not a pillow...

Lindsay Soto

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    Lindsay also works for the Versus network.

    She can seen at the Stanley Cup playoffs every year showing too much cleavage.

    "Don't be a prude, Lindsay."

7. Samantha Steele

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    Samantha Steele works for Fox Sports, covering Big 12 and Pac-10 football and college basketball.

    Samantha does not have a steely glare, as her last name may suggest. Her gaze could put me into a dream-like state.

    I'm surprised more of her interview subjects don't go into a hypnotic trance.

Samantha Steele

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    Samantha's like one of those angels who comes to save you from danger.

    This is exactly how I picture an angel to look.

6. Kristen Berset

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    At the moment, Kristen Berset is the weekend sports anchor for Fox 45 in Baltimore.

    Once she realizes how hot she is, though, she will soon discover she can cover better teams than the Baltimore Orioles.

    Berset is a former Miss Florida. It was only a matter of time before she graduated to Fox Sports.

Kristen Berset

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    Rumor has it Kristen was looking straight at the man who hired her at Fox 45.

    After the show, she was hired on the spot.

    OK, I'm kidding, but it's probably true.

Kristen Berset

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    Berset has that sexy-colored lipstick on in this one.

    It's not fair, even lipstick makes women look irresistible.

    I comb my hair a couple times and nobody seems to notice any difference.

Kristen Berset

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    Berset looks just like an ordinary girl in this photo.

    Just hanging out.

    But as soon as I get close to her, her bodyguards whisk me away.

Kristen Berset

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    Sometimes I pretend Berset is getting married to me in this photo.

    But then I realize that's unrealistic.

    I go back to typing on my keyboard.

5. Kristina Akra

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    This is a new sideline reporter for Fox Sports South.

    Sorry guys, you're just going to have to get used to her.

    Besides comparing in hotness to ESPN's Erin Andrews, Kristina Akra also shares another commonality with Andrews: They were both dancers at the University of Florida.

Kristina Akra

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    Here's Akra looking professional...and showing just enough skin to be even more sexy.

    Note: Either the lighting is weird or Akra has a serious tan.

Kristina Akra

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    Kristina Akra liked to gaze into cameras next to barns in her free time.

Kristina Akra

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    Oh my, good lord.

    Way to go former University of Florida cheerleader!

    Unfortunately, Fox Sports probably won't have Kristina wearing this.

4. Charissa Thompson

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    Fox Sports Net's Charissa Thompson looks kinda crazy in this picture.

    Good thing her garb detracted me from her crazy expression.

    But then again, maybe that crazy expression intrigues me...

Charissa Thompson

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    Charissa doesn't look to thrilled in this picture, giving what looks to be a sarcastic thumbs up.

    But somehow she still looks hot.

    Weird how women can do that.

    When I look unimpressed, girls just veer away from me.

Charissa Thompson

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    There ya go, you can smile, it's OK.

    The man who makes Charissa laugh is a lucky man.

Charissa Thompson

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    This is a picture of Charissa when she used to be in Best Damn Sports Show Period.

    I'm guessing the show canceled because Charissa complained that all the guys kept on staring at her and making her uncomfortable.

3. Amanda Pflugrad

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    Amanda Pflugrad, after gracing us with her presence as an Oregon Ducks cheerleader, is now a BCS correspondent for Fox.

    Either way, she will always be a college football goddess.

Amanda Pflugrad

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    It appears the closer Amanda goes to a kids size T-shirt, the better she looks.

    When I try to wear a tank top, people just tell me my beer gut's growing in a look of horror.

Amanda Pflugrad

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    Amanda Pflugrad can look both hot and cute.

    It's like she morphs into whatever form she wants.

    And every form looks good.

Amanda Pflugrad

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    I don't know how the Oregon Ducks get such hot cheerleaders, but if I were LaMichael James I'd go straight for the cheerleading squad.

Amanda Pflugrad

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    Here's one of the latest pictures that has come out featuring Amanda.

    Even when it looks like she just woke up and is drowsy, she still manages to convince me she's hot.

    How does she do it?

Amanda Pflugrad

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    Amanda goes on hiking adventures and poses sexily in fields on her free time.

    She looks like she's in good shape, so there's a good chance she could outrun me.

    But I wouldn't mind.

    "You go ahead Amanda, I'm right behind you."

2. Jillian Barberie

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    Everytime I look at Jillian, I think of a Barbie.

    Even if her name is officially Jillian Reynolds now, I will always remember her as the former Jillian Barbie...I mean, Jillian Barberie.

Jillian Barberie

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    Jillian definitely has the plumage to make this shirt work.

    She doesn't seem to understand the point of pockets though.

Jillian Barberie

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    This came from a site dedicated to Jillian, called

    Just kidding, the site is

    There are plenty of pics like this on the site.

1. Lisa Dergan

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    She's a former Playboy model.

    What else is there to say?

    Oh ya, she joined Fox Sports Net in 2002 and she's the wife of MLB outfielder Scott Podsednik.

Lisa Dergan

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    Scott Podsednik is one lucky man.

    Thankfully for all of us, we can still get a close look at Lisa Dergan via the World Wide Web.

    Ah, the power of the Internet machine.

Lisa Dergan

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    Lisa used to be a professional soccer goalie.

    Just kidding.

    But she's a professional at looking hot wrapped around a goalie net.

Lisa Dergan

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    Scott Podsednik used to take Lisa into his teams' locker rooms to introduce her to his teammates.

    But after she started doing poses like this, he decided against it.

    It eventually led to bad team chemistry.

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